Sterilex Announces Leadership Transition

Sterilex Announces Leadership Transition.Sterilex LLC, a Paine Schwartz mates portfolio company and a leading inventor of innovative food safety antimicrobial products, is embarking on a new chapter with a leadership transition. Under CEO Alex Josowitz’s leadership, Sterilex has endured time-over-year record growth with expansive request expansion and innovative new product launches that sustainably address the assiduity’s topmost microbial challenges. Through largely successful prosecution, Josowitz and the Sterilex platoon have generated global demand for Sterilex products and specialized support paving the way for the coming leadership phase in the business’s elaboration. Josowitz will transition to a strategic premonitory part as he continues to serve on the Board of Directors.

” Building Sterilex, growing it into a request leader, and working with this inconceivable platoon has been one of the topmost honors of my life. I’m agitated about the future of Sterilex, and I look forward to continuing my support as a board member,” said Josowitz.

As Sterilex enters this coming phase of growth, the company is pleased to introduce Colleen Akehurst as the interim CEO. Akehurst, a Managing Director at Paine Schwartz mates on the Portfolio Excellence Platform platoon, brings a wealth of experience in overseeing CEO transitions, particularly in family- possessed businesses.

Akehurst has served as CEO in launch- up and family- possessed consumer product companies and also in a variety of marketing and global strategy leadership places at Heinz and Mondelez. She began her career with Procter & Gamble in engineering places, followed by consulting places at McKinsey. Akehurst will work nearly with the Sterilex platoon to ground the association from Josowitz’s leadership to the coming CEO icing a flawless transition and continued unborn success.

opining on her new part, Akehurst said, “ I look forward to working with the Sterilex leadership platoon, and Alex in his continuing Board part, to continue growing this inconceivable business and its portfolio of innovative products. ”

Rick Greubel, Chairman of the Sterilex Board said, “ On behalf of the Board of Directors I ’d like to thank Alex for erecting a truly innovative food safety antimicrobial business and an outstanding platoon. We look forward to continuing to work with him on the Board going forward. ”

Sterilex remains married to continuing its line of rapid-fire growth and the company looks forward to Akehurst’s leadership as it continues to introduce and meet the evolving requirements of its guests. The entire Sterilex platoon expresses gratefulness to Josowitz for his outstanding leadership and welcomes Colleen Akehurst with enthusiasm as she assumes the interim CEO position.

About Sterilex
Sterilex is a leading inventor of innovative results that ameliorate food safety and enhance public health. Sterilex addresses sanitation and microbial challenges through its line of personal, award- winning biofilm- control biocides, broad diapason detergents and rapid-fire biofilm individual tools in the food processing, beast health and water treatment diligence. For farther information, please

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