55th MOE-MSSM-MILO Awards Honoring Youth Sports Excellence

Celebrating the enduring spirit of perseverance and excellence among Malaysia’s young athletes, MILO® reaffirms its commitment by partnering with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Malaysia School Sports Council (MSSM) to honor a new cohort of promising talents at the MOE-MSSM-MILO® Sports Awards 2023. For 55 years, these awards have been a beacon for emerging sports stars.

The MOE-MSSM-MILO® Awards not only recognize athletic achievement but also instill vital values, fueling the dreams of student athletes at grassroots levels to aspire for greater heights and possibly represent Malaysia on international stages. Past recipients include notable athletes like former national squash player Dato Nicol David and national sprinter Muhammad Azeem Mohd Fahmi, illustrating the impact of this award on their sporting journey.

In 2023, the awards highlighted winners across 8 categories, with thousands of young hopefuls competing for top honors. Muhammad Hafizin Bin Mansor and Nur Afrina Batrisyia Binti Mohamad Rizal stood out, clinching the “Anugerah Putera Sukan” and “Anugerah Puteri Sukan” respectively. Additionally, the awards honored four coaches, trainers, and teachers for their pivotal role in nurturing young talents.

Lim Ker Win, Sports Marketing Manager of MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, expressed, “The MSSM awards are pivotal in MILO®’s mission to promote active and healthy lifestyles among the youth, empowering them to aim high. Witnessing the dedication and achievements of these young Malaysians is truly inspiring.”

Muhammad Hafizin Bin Mansor, 18, recipient of the Anugerah Putera award, shared, “Playing sports has been the best decision of my life. I am grateful to MOE, MSSM, and MILO® for this platform.”

Nur Afrina Batrisyia Binti Mohamad Rizal, 19, winner of the Anugerah Puteri award, said, “I am humbled by this recognition. This motivates me to keep chasing my dreams.”

MILO® has been a longstanding sponsor and partner of MSSM for over 70 years, supporting numerous sports-related initiatives. The MOE-MSSM-MILO® Sports Awards is one such initiative aimed at promoting sports importance and empowering young talents.

The event underscores MILO®’s belief in sports’ ability to impart valuable life lessons and its commitment to nurturing the potential of young athletes for a brighter future.

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