AAK Collaborates with Checkerspot to Pioneer Eco-Friendly Algae Oil Innovation

Checkerspot, a biotechnology firm and Certified B Corporation renowned for producing renewable oils through microalgae fermentation, has joined forces with AAK, a global leader in plant-based fats and oils, to embark on a collaborative journey towards developing, scaling, and commercializing an alternative source of structuring fats and oils.

In response to the escalating demand for plant-based alternatives from both consumers and major brands, the partnership aims to address the critical need for novel fats and oils that fulfill three pivotal criteria: scalability, enhanced consumer experience, and resilience to climate change.

Kim Olofsson, AAK’s Global Head of R&D, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Checkerspot’s extensive portfolio of unique oils and expertise in microalgae fermentation as key factors driving the collaboration. Olofsson emphasized AAK’s commitment to offering sustainable and functional alternatives, aligning seamlessly with Checkerspot’s innovative platform.

Renowned for its contributions to various industries including food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and animal feed, AAK is dedicated to advancing sustainability initiatives through Better Sourcing, Better Operations, and Better Solutions. The company actively facilitates the transition from fossil-based and animal-based raw materials to eco-friendly plant-based alternatives.

Scott Franklin, Co-founder & CSO of Checkerspot, echoed the sentiment of collaboration, emphasizing the significance of partnering with forward-thinking entities like AAK. Franklin underscored Checkerspot’s capability to navigate the entire process from microalgae strain identification to product development and scale-up, ensuring cost-effective and market-ready solutions that meet evolving consumer demands while fulfilling the company’s mission of positively impacting people and the planet.

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