AGCO Highlights Precision Ag Innovation at AEM’s DC Event

A leading global player in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, AGCO, is set to showcase its cutting-edge equipment from its renowned brands at the upcoming Association of Equipment Manufacturer’s (AEM) Celebration of Modern Ag event, taking place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., from May 6-8, 2024.

This event will provide a platform for AGCO to present its innovative solutions tailored to farmers’ needs, drawing attention to sustainable practices in agriculture. AGCO’s Fendt®, Massey Ferguson®, and Precision Planting® brands will feature prominently, offering policymakers and the public insights into how equipment manufacturers contribute to sustainable farming practices globally.

Under the theme “The Future of Food and Farming,” the event will spotlight the collaborative efforts of America’s equipment manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and innovators in enhancing food production sustainably. AGCO will be among over 20 participating AEM member companies showcasing advancements such as alternatively powered equipment, autonomous systems, and various tools aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the agricultural industry.

AGCO’s exhibit will showcase award-winning products and solutions across its brands, emphasizing resource efficiency and increased yields. Highlights include the Fendt Momentum® planter, Massey Ferguson’s latest 500R sprayer, the versatile AGCO Power™ CORE75 engine, and Precision Planting’s Radicle Agronomics™ soil testing lab. Expert representatives will be on hand to elucidate each solution’s purpose, capabilities, and the significant benefits they offer to farmers and global food security.

Bill Hurley, AGCO Vice President of Government Affairs and AEM Ag Chair, underscores the event’s importance as an educational platform for all stakeholders. “Ag on the Mall provides an ideal chance for everyone – farmers, policymakers, and manufacturers – to engage in meaningful dialogue that leads to programs and policies supporting farmers in their mission of feeding the world.”

AGCO’s booth will be situated on the National Mall, positioned between the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol, offering a central location for attendees to explore the latest innovations in agricultural technology.

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