AGCO Revolutionizes Farmer Experience with FarmerCore Initiative

In a groundbreaking move, AGCO, a global leader in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, proudly announces the launch of FarmerCore. This transformative global initiative aims to bring the dealer experience directly to the farm, marking a significant milestone in AGCO’s commitment to prioritizing farmers worldwide.

AGCO’s FarmerCore is set to redefine the farmer and dealer interaction by revolutionizing sales and service through innovative tools. This initiative focuses on bridging the gap between farmers and dealers, both on-site and online, to enhance the overall customer experience. By combining digital and physical elements throughout the purchasing journey and product ownership lifecycle, FarmerCore creates a leading on-farm offering that is set to make agriculture more profitable, productive, and sustainable.

Eric Hansotia, Chairman, President, and CEO of AGCO, emphasizes the company’s commitment to putting the farmer at the forefront of their strategy. The FarmerCore initiative is designed to blend physical and digital experiences, fostering brand loyalty and deepening customer engagement. The goal is to bring the entire business directly to the farmer through a comprehensive approach, incorporating digital tools, service trucks, local parts access, and more, in collaboration with AGCO’s global dealer network.

Three Pillars of FarmerCore:

  1. On-Farm Mindset: FarmerCore positions dealers to meet customer needs at every stage of the ownership journey, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric experience.
  2. Smart Network Coverage: Moving away from the one-size-fits-all outlet approach, FarmerCore adopts a hub-and-spoke model, adding “light” retail outlets, service centers, and parts-only locations to provide more personalized support.
  3. Digital Engagement: FarmerCore empowers farmers with 24/7 online access to sales and support, including features like online parts purchasing, dealer digital storefronts, online configurators, and more.

Successful Implementation: Several AGCO dealerships are already implementing aspects of the FarmerCore program, such as mobile service fleets, alternative format outlets (e.g., parts-only stores), and digital tools to enhance customer support. AgRevolution, an AGCO-owned, full-line agricultural equipment dealer in Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana, has successfully embraced the FarmerCore model at the regional level.

Stacy Anthony, CEO of AgRevolution, expresses excitement about the innovative, farmer-first model. This approach, combined with FarmerCore’s assets, has enabled greater engagement across the region, delivering exceptional customer outcomes and value.

Mobile Assets and Digital Channels: With FarmerCore, mobile assets bring buying and servicing directly to the farm. While dealership locations continue to anchor farmer support in local communities, mobile and digital channels provide farmers the flexibility to engage on their terms.

Global Expansion: FarmerCore will be implemented in close partnership with AGCO’s global dealer network, aiming to become a leader in ag machinery support across every aspect of the ownership lifecycle. The program is set to launch globally this year, initially in select North and South America dealer organizations, with continued expansion throughout 2024.

Conclusion: AGCO’s FarmerCore initiative marks a new era in the agricultural industry, promising to enhance the farmer and dealer experience worldwide. With a strong focus on customer-centricity, innovative tools, and a global partnership network, FarmerCore is poised to make agriculture more efficient, profitable, and sustainable for farmers across the globe. Stay tuned for the exciting developments as FarmerCore continues to roll out and transform the agricultural landscape.

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