Ahold Delhaize Expands Tech Studio in Bucharest

Ahold Delhaize proudly announces the launch of AD/01, its new tech studio in Bucharest, Romania, signaling a strategic move to enhance innovation and elevate customer experiences across its European brands. With a vision to attract approximately 250 top-tier tech professionals in the foreseeable future, AD/01 will serve as a dynamic hub for collaborative advancements.

At the core of Ahold Delhaize’s digital transformation, AD/01 will assume a pivotal role in fortifying the organization’s digital, data, and tech capabilities. Tasked with a diverse array of projects spanning web and app development, as well as spearheading strategic initiatives in eCommerce, Infrastructure, Data, Loyalty, Core Retail, and beyond, the studio is poised to drive cutting-edge innovations.

Wouter Kolk, CEO of Ahold Delhaize Europe & Indonesia, underscores the studio’s significance in delivering unparalleled local food shopping experiences amidst evolving consumer demands. He emphasizes the imperative of seamless digital integration across all touchpoints, be it in-store navigation, checkout processes, or backend operations. AD/01, thus, emerges as a strategic response to address these evolving challenges while simultaneously investing in the Romanian market, complementing the company’s existing presence through Mega Image, its local brand.

Embracing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusivity, AD/01 endeavors to cultivate a vibrant community of engineering excellence. As the first cohort of talents embarks on this journey, the studio envisions a future where 250 top-tier tech professionals converge to drive innovation and growth. With recruitment efforts intensifying, AD/01 remains committed to tapping into Romania’s rich pool of tech talent, positioning itself as a catalyst for industry-leading advancements.

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