Ahold Delhaize’s Q1 Business Highlights Loyalty & Innovation

Zaandam, the Netherlands, May 8, 2024 – Ahold Delhaize unveiled its Q1 2024 results today, emphasizing its unwavering dedication to customers amidst ongoing economic challenges. Throughout the quarter, the company’s local brands remained steadfast in delivering value, savings, and access to healthier food options, both online and in-store. Notably, Ahold Delhaize introduced two innovative initiatives: its participation in the global retail innovation fund, W23 Global, and the inauguration of AD/01, a cutting-edge tech studio in Bucharest.

Loyalty programs played a pivotal role in driving customer satisfaction and value during the quarter. Giant Food, for instance, slashed prices on numerous own-brand items while expanding its Flexible Rewards program, offering double points on these purchases. Meanwhile, The GIANT Company’s ‘Weekly Pro Pick’ program garnered significant traction, with 1.2 million customers availing themselves of exclusive deals. The efficacy of these loyalty programs was underscored by multiple accolades, including recognition by Newsweek for the outstanding loyalty programs at Food Lion, Giant Food, and Stop & Shop.

In Europe, Albert celebrated the third anniversary of its ‘My Albert’ app by extending a 15% discount on Nature’s Promise healthy products to active users. This marked another milestone in Ahold Delhaize’s commitment to rewarding customers for choosing healthier options, following similar initiatives by Delhaize and Albert Heijn. Albert Heijn, in particular, reached a significant milestone with over 1 million subscribers to its Premium subscription, offering a 10% discount on organic and AH Terra products.

Demonstrating its dedication to sustainability, Ahold Delhaize successfully priced a €1.6 billion multi-tranche transaction, including Sustainability-Linked and Green bonds. The proceeds will fund various Eligible Green Projects, aligning with the company’s sustainability objectives. In Europe, all brands launched climate hubs to aid suppliers in reducing carbon emissions, while Albert Heijn made substantial progress in promoting healthier choices by significantly reducing sugar, salt, and saturated fat in its own-brand products.

In the U.S., Ahold Delhaize USA and its brands reaffirmed their commitment to combating hunger and promoting healthy communities, pledging nearly $1 million in nutrition programs for children in 2024. Tech innovation remained a focal point, with five European brands collaborating on an app convergence project to enhance the shopping experience. Additionally, Ahold Delhaize USA partnered with DoorDash to expand on-demand grocery delivery services.

April saw the launch of W23 Global, a collaborative venture capital fund aimed at investing in innovative start-ups to revolutionize the grocery sector. Alongside this, AD/01, a state-of-the-art tech studio in Bucharest, was established to drive innovation and elevate customer experiences across European brands.

Finally, bol, Ahold Delhaize’s Dutch e-commerce platform, celebrated its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter-century of digital commerce success. With over 13.5 million customers and a vast product range, bol continues to thrive as a leader in the e-commerce landscape.

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