American Seafoods Annual Sustainability Report Released

American Seafoods, a prominent player in sustainable protein production and one of the foremost processors of wild Alaska pollock and wild Pacific hake, has unveiled its latest annual sustainability report. This comprehensive document outlines the Company’s ongoing commitment to environmental and social responsibility while highlighting its strides in sustainable fishing practices. Notably, American Seafoods is proud to be the first Alaska seafood company to present its sustainability report for 2024, reaffirming its position as a leader in environmental stewardship.

Einar Gustafsson, CEO of American Seafoods, expressed his enthusiasm for the Company’s progress in achieving key sustainability goals, emphasizing their dedication to innovation and responsible fisheries management. He underscored the fundamental importance of environmental preservation to their success and reiterated their commitment to fostering a cleaner, healthier planet.

Tim Fitzgerald, Chief Sustainability Officer, echoed Gustafsson’s sentiments, emphasizing American Seafoods’ unwavering dedication to science-based fisheries management, vessel efficiency improvements, and third-party certifications. He emphasized that sustainability is at the core of the Company’s operations, driving every aspect of their business.

Highlighting the sustainability achievements for the full year 2023, American Seafoods showcased several key accomplishments:

  • Maintaining 100% third-party eco-certification for all catch.
  • Achieving a 99% target catch rate in the Alaska pollock fishery, marking a significant improvement from the previous year.
  • Demonstrating significantly lower carbon emissions in the harvesting of wild Alaska pollock and wild Pacific hake compared to other protein sources.
  • Producing 354,037 gallons of fish oil biodiesel, resulting in a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Recycling over 86,000 lbs of end-of-life and recovered ghost fishing gear.
  • Donating more than $525,000 to support Alaska communities, food banks, and academic institutions.

Looking ahead, Fitzgerald outlined American Seafoods’ sustainability roadmap, which extends beyond fishery performance to encompass broader goals related to carbon reduction, plastics and waste management, and transparent public reporting. He emphasized the Company’s readiness to drive further innovation in these areas and lead the industry towards a more sustainable future.”

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