American Seafoods Reaffirms Commitment to Business Expansion and Growth Opportunities

A global leader in sustainable proteins and one of the world’s largest at-sea processors of wild Alaska pollock and wild Pacific hake, American Seafoods, announced today that it has paused its sale process. “We have paused our sales process so we can continue to focus on our business and customers,” said Einar Gustafsson, CEO of American Seafoods. “Our business remains strong, and we look forward to revisiting these discussions when the macroeconomic environment improves and when our valuation is consistent with the strength of our company. With strong growth prospects ahead, American Seafoods is excited to remove this overhang and refocus on our day-to-day operations. Our company is poised to capitalize on the global seafood industry’s growing demand for high-quality products, and now we can fully concentrate on running the greatest fishing company in the world.”

Bregal Partners, a current shareholder of American Seafoods, had previously announced in 2023 their intent to realize their interests in all companies in the Bregal Partners I portfolio, which included American Seafoods. With American Seafoods’ decision to pause its sales process, the company will remain in the portfolio.

American Seafoods is a global leader in sustainable proteins and in the harvesting, processing, preparation and supply of frozen at sea, wild-caught seafood. Harvesting a variety of fish species from the rich, pristine waters of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, American Seafoods processes seafood into a wide array of finished products on board its state-of-the-art fleet of vessels. American Seafoods produces a diverse range of fillet, surimi, roe and block product offerings, made from Alaska pollock, Pacific hake, Pacific cod, and yellowfin sole that yielded 1.3 billion servings of sustainable seafood in 2023. Finished products from our sustainable fisheries are sold worldwide through an extensive global distribution and customer support network. From the ocean to the plate, American Seafoods has established a global sourcing, selling, marketing and distribution network bringing sustainably-harvested seafood to consumers worldwide

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