Aramark Teams Up with the Chiefs to Combat Food Waste in Kansas City

In the recently unveiled 2023 Be Well. Do Well. Progress Report, Aramark’s dedication to curbing food waste throughout its operations emerges as a pivotal commitment, geared towards conserving resources and diminishing the company’s environmental impact.

Employing a comprehensive approach to food management, Aramark tackles waste across the entire spectrum, spanning from planning and procurement to production and service. Leveraging innovative techniques in food ordering and preparation, Aramark collaborates closely with the Kansas City Chiefs to tailor food production to match crowd size, ticket sales, promotions, and ticket scans.

In a concerted effort with the Chiefs, Aramark joins forces with local charity Pete’s Garden to repurpose uneaten and untouched food, channeling it towards organizations across the Greater Kansas City area that cater to families in need. Tim Witkowski, Aramark Sports + Entertainment’s District Manager, sits on the Food Waste Reduction Project Advisory Committee, actively championing the deployment of food waste reduction strategies outlined in the Kansas City Regional Food Loss and Waste Reduction Action Plan.

“While our primary aim is to prevent food waste at its source, there are occasions when excess safe-to-consume food is available. Our food donation initiative ensures that this surplus is channeled to hunger relief agencies like Pete’s Garden, which then distribute meals to families in need,” expressed Witkowski. “Through this program, we contribute thousands of pounds of food annually, bolstering community food security efforts and diverting surplus prepared food from landfills.”

Beyond meals unserved within GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Chiefs, Aramark extends its efforts to redirect surplus food from player training meals. In 2023, these donations to Pete’s Garden amounted to 5,938 pounds, translating to 5,000 meals for families in the Kansas City area. Erin Wishon, Senior Executive Chef at Aramark/Kansas City Chiefs, emphasized, “We recognize the significance of healthy eating, not just for Chiefs players and staff, but for the families served by Pete’s Garden. It’s gratifying to contribute to their mission of placing nutritious meals on more family dinner tables.”

These waste reduction endeavors are aligned with the Chiefs’ “Extra Yard for the Environment” initiative, which encompasses various directives aimed at fostering environmental efficiency and responsibility within GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium and the University of Kansas Health System Training Complex.

As a USDA Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champion, Aramark is steadfast in its pledge to slash food loss and waste across its U.S. operations by 50% by 2030, compared to its 2015 baseline. Notably, pre-consumer food waste in U.S. food operations for fiscal year 2023 plummeted by 73% from the company’s 2015 baseline. Furthermore, Aramark has been a member of the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, an industry alliance focused on waste reduction and the repurposing of unavoidable food waste, for nearly a decade.

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