Aramark’s Star Teams Serve Local Communities

Aramark’s regional employee groups, known as “Star Teams,” convene throughout the year to foster unity among the diverse workforce across specific geographic regions. Beyond serving as platforms for idea exchange, networking, and mentorship, these Star Teams organize volunteer initiatives, providing opportunities for employees to collaborate across different business sectors while addressing the needs of local communities.

Jami Leveen, Vice President of Community Partnerships at Aramark, emphasized the significance of Star Teams in upholding the company’s commitment to fostering a healthy and equitable society. She highlighted how these teams bring employees together, facilitating contributions to career empowerment, access to nutritious food, and environmental stewardship—core components of Aramark Building Community (ABC).

In honor of Global Volunteer Month (April), Aramark spotlights exemplary volunteers from across the organization, starting with standout leaders from the Chicago Star Team. Regardless of their roles or titles, these volunteers exemplify the ethos of Aramark Building Community, inspiring others to embrace philanthropy.

Alex Beck, General Manager, Sports + Entertainment, finds profound meaning in volunteering. Leading by example, Beck, based at a Convention Center near Chicago, derives intrinsic fulfillment from bringing joy to individuals through service projects coordinated by the Chicago Star Team. From participating in events like the Special Olympics Polar Plunge to supporting back-to-school initiatives, Beck views volunteering as more than mere checkbox activities—it’s a genuine endeavor driven by personal conviction. For Beck, the ultimate motivation stems from setting a positive example for his children, instilling in them values of empathy and altruism.

Joined by his family, Beck braves harsh weather conditions to volunteer in community events such as Wreaths Across America, where Aramark’s military-focused employee resource group, Salute, pays tribute to veterans by laying wreaths on their graves nationwide. Beck looks forward to leveraging his expertise to empower and expand the impact of the Star Team further.

Linda Teets, Human Resources Director for Aramark’s Workplace Experience Group, attests to the profound impact of the Chicago Star Team’s camaraderie on the volunteer experience. Bonded by a shared commitment to giving back, Teets finds fulfillment in participating in projects that involve working with children and revitalizing community spaces. Witnessing the joy and gratitude of both children and parents served by ABC initiatives fuels Teets’ inspiration to continue making a difference alongside her dedicated team.

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