Axe Receives PETA Approval and Inclusion in Beauty Without Bunnies Accreditation

Axe, a prominent member of Unilever’s top 30 Power Brands, has earned PETA’s approval, signifying that its products and ingredients undergo no animal testing globally. Known as Lynx in the UK, Axe is the latest addition to Unilever’s roster of brands approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

This accreditation positions Axe among the esteemed Unilever brands on PETA’s global Beauty Without Bunnies program, recognized for its stringent standards. The approval affirms that Axe neither conducts nor commissions animal tests on ingredients or finished products, with a commitment to maintaining this stance in the future.

The business rationale for non-animal testing has been a cornerstone for Unilever for over four decades. PETA acknowledges Unilever as a company actively pursuing regulatory change and sharing non-animal safety science expertise globally with governments, NGOs, and businesses.

The UNiDAYS 2022 Beauty Report reveals that 43% of Gen Z students across five countries would not purchase beauty products tested on animals, aligning with Unilever’s emphasis on using science rather than animals.

Fabian Garcia, President of Unilever Personal Care, expresses pride in gaining PETA approval, emphasizing Axe’s dedication to promoting confidence without cruelty. Dr. Julia Fentem, Global Head of Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Sciences at Unilever, attributes Axe’s PETA approval to decades of pioneering research in non-animal testing alternatives.

Axe, available in over 90 countries, will feature PETA’s logo on its products next year, underscoring the brand’s commitment to avoiding animal testing worldwide. Kathy Guillermo, Senior Vice President of the Laboratory Investigations Department at PETA, extends appreciation to Unilever for its enduring commitment to ending animal testing globally, welcoming Axe to the list of brands that have banned all tests on animals.”

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