Bayer and Solynta Team Up to Enhance True Potato Seed Access in Smallholder Markets

Bayer and Solynta Enter Partnership to Expand True Potato Seed Availability in Kenyan and Indian Markets”

Bayer and Solynta have announced a collaboration aimed at commercializing and distributing true potato seeds across Kenyan and Indian markets. This venture marks Bayer’s debut into the global potato market, spanning 20 million hectares, and represents its first collaboration with Solynta, a Dutch firm recognized for its robust hybrid potato varieties. The partnership will leverage Solynta’s expertise in potato breeding to develop new, resilient potato varieties tailored for key growing regions. These innovations will enable farmers to cultivate potatoes from true seeds rather than traditional tubers. Bayer plans to distribute these hybrid varieties to remote farming communities in Kenya and India.

The adoption of true potato seeds offers multiple benefits to the potato industry. These seeds are smaller, cleaner, disease-resistant, possess extended shelf lives, and are easier to transport and store. Available year-round, they can be bred with additional desirable traits such as disease resistance and climate resilience.

Bayer’s inclusion of true potato seeds in its portfolio aligns with its commitment to regenerative agriculture, emphasizing sustainable and resilient food systems. Frank Terhorst, Head of Strategy & Sustainability at Bayer’s Crop Science Division, highlighted, “Seed innovation is pivotal for us. We anticipate that Solynta’s true potato seeds will positively impact local communities and enhance food security and nutrition.”

Inci Dannenberg, President of Global Vegetable Seeds at Bayer, emphasized, “Adding true potato seeds to our portfolio is a natural progression in supporting smallholder farmers and delivering cutting-edge innovations.”

Peter Poortinga, CEO of Solynta, underscored the culmination of nearly two decades of work on hybrid potato breeding technology, noting, “Hybrid breeding has demonstrated success across various food crops, facilitating rapid development of new varieties with favorable traits like disease resistance. We are excited to collaborate with Bayer in introducing and distributing our true potato seeds.”

Joost van Regteren, Chief Commercial Officer at Solynta, added, “Our focus is on introducing true potato seeds, conducting field trials, and progressing to commercial trials to showcase their efficacy. We are thrilled to partner with Bayer for the widespread adoption in Kenya and India.”

This collaboration between Bayer and Solynta marks a significant step toward advancing sustainable agriculture practices and enhancing potato cultivation in diverse global markets.

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