Bayer announces crucial leadership changes for its Crop Science division

Brian Naber appointed as new marketable lead for North America and Malu Nachreiner to come new marketable lead for Asia Pacific, both effective March 1, 2024/ Oliver Rittgen appointed as Chief Financial Officer, Crop Science, effective February 1, 2024/ Sascha Israel is heading the division’s Product force association, effective January 1, 2024/ Amanda McClerren is new Chief Information Officer, Head of Digital Transformation and Information Technology, effective January 1, 2024/ Jessica Christiansen serves as new Head of Crop Science Dispatches, effective January 1, 2024
Monheim, January 10, 2024 – Bayer is applying several crucial changes to the Administrative Leadership Team of its Crop Science Division. The new setup will support the company to shape husbandry for growers, consumers, and the earth, and to deliver against the ambition of getting the leader in regenerative husbandry.

Brian Naber will assume the position as marketable lead for the region North America from Jackie Applegate who’ll be retiring from Bayer after 31 times with the company. Accordingly, Malu Nachreiner, presently serving as elderly Bayer Representative and Country Division Head for Crop Science in Brazil, is going to succeed Brian Naber as marketable lead for the region Asia Pacific. Both changes will come effective as of March 1, 2024. As of February 1, Oliver Rittgen will serve as the division’s new Chief Financial Officer following Kelly Gast who retired after nearly 30 times with the company. Oliver’s current assignment is Chief Financial Officer for Bayer’s Consumer Health Division.

farther changes have come effective with the morning of 2024 Sascha Israel has been appointed as Head of Product Supply succeeding Dirk Backhaus who retired after 27 times with Bayer. Amanda McClerren, former Head of Crop Science R&D Digital Transformation and Information Technology is going to take over Sascha’s former part as Chief Information Officer, Head of Digital Transformation and Information Technology. Eventually, Jessica Christiansen assumes the position as Head of Crop Science Dispatches after having led the division’s Sustainability and Business Stewardship platoon. She’s taking over from Tom Armitage who decided to pursue farther career openings outside of Bayer.

“ With the new setup of the Crop Science Executive Leadership Team, we’re impeccably deposited to further drive our vision of regenerative husbandry and to deliver important demanded inventions to growers, ” said Rodrigo Santos, member of the Board of Bayer AG and chairman of the company’s Crop Science division. “ I’m looking forward to working together with this platoon to attack some of the most important motifs of our time achieving food security and fighting climate change at the same time. To this end, we will continue to support our guests to produce further while restoring further. I would like to thank Jackie, Kelly, Dirk, and Tom for their devoted service to Bayer and their outstanding achievements over the last times. They all will leave a lasting heritage, in particular for the Crop Science division. ”

further information on the Administrative Leadership Team of Bayer’s Crop Science division can be set up online.

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