Blain’s Farm & Fleet Honored as a Top Employer of 2024 by Forbes for the Sixth Year in a Row

Blain’s Farm & Fleet is delighted to announce its continued recognition as one of America’s Best Employers of 2024 by Forbes. This prestigious accolade marks the sixth consecutive year that Blain’s Farm & Fleet has received this honor, underscoring its steadfast dedication to nurturing an outstanding workplace culture.

“We are immensely proud and honored to once again be acknowledged by Forbes as one of America’s Best Employers for the sixth year running,” expressed Jane Blain Gilbertson, Owner & CEO of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. “This recognition underscores our enduring commitment to treating our team members like family and our customers like valued neighbors. At Blain’s, we firmly believe that a positive work environment is the cornerstone of success.”

In collaboration with the renowned market research firm Statista, Forbes conducted an exhaustive independent survey encompassing a diverse sample of over 170,000 U.S. employees from companies with a minimum of 1,000 employees nationwide. Spanning three years, the survey meticulously analyzed over 3.5 million employer evaluations, ensuring a thorough assessment that distinguishes consistently high-performing organizations.

Blain’s Farm & Fleet has advanced in its previous ranking and continues to stand out as the sole Wisconsin-based company in the Retail and Wholesale category. The company’s success in the survey can be attributed to its distinctive approach to employee and customer relations. Blain’s Farm & Fleet values its employees as integral members of the family, fostering a nurturing and collaborative workplace atmosphere. This familial ethos extends to customers, who are treated with the same warmth and respect as neighbors, forging enduring relationships that span generations. The Forbes survey considered both personal evaluations (direct feedback from employees) and public evaluations (indirect feedback from friends, family, or industry peers).

“Our employees are the heart of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, and our community members are essential to our triumphs. They are the driving force behind our achievements,” remarked Mark Hasting, President and Chief Commerce & Operating Officer for Blain’s Farm & Fleet. “Recognizing that this survey is based on evaluations from our employees and community, I am immensely proud of their unwavering dedication to our company, for six consecutive years.”

As a company committed to continuous enhancement, Blain’s Farm & Fleet remains steadfast in upholding its high standards in employee satisfaction and engagement. This acknowledgment from Forbes reaffirms Blain’s Farm & Fleet’s standing as a trailblazer in providing a workplace that not only values its employees but also cultivates an environment where everyone feels like an integral part of the Blain’s Farm & Fleet family.

Established in 1955, Blain’s Farm & Fleet is renowned as The Modern General Store®, with 45 locations nationwide.

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