Bunge Launches Coberine 206 Innovative Cocoa Butter Substitute

Bunge Unveils Coberine 206: Revolutionizing Soft Chocolate with a Longer Shelf Life

Bunge has introduced Coberine 206, a groundbreaking shea-based Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE), designed to tackle key challenges encountered by chocolate manufacturers and artisanal chocolate makers in crafting soft chocolate and ganache products.

Katherine Huang, Senior Commercial Director Food Solutions Asia at Bunge, highlights the significance of Coberine 206 in meeting the demands of the burgeoning global artisanal soft chocolate market, particularly in regions like Asia and the Middle East. With its extended shelf life of up to 12 months, Coberine 206 offers a premium soft chocolate taste that remains consistent over time, overcoming the hurdle of short shelf lives typically associated with these products.

The benefits of Coberine 206 include its luxurious texture, akin to a soufflé, elevating the taste experience for consumers. Additionally, its ability to be stored at room temperature eliminates the need for refrigeration, streamlining logistics and reducing associated costs for manufacturers.

By breaking down barriers to entry into the soft chocolate and ganache market, Coberine 206 enables broader market reach and facilitates the production and distribution of premium offerings on a larger scale, paving the way for innovation and growth in the industry.

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