Casey’s Appoints Inaugural Chief Pizza & Beer Officer

Casey’s (Nasdaq: CASY) commemorates National Pizza Day with the appointment of its inaugural Chief Pizza & Beer Officer. Joe Cruz, hailing from Lincoln, Neb., nestled in the heart of Casey’s Country, emerges as the chosen candidate from a pool of over 500 applicants. With his profound appreciation for Casey’s pizza and beer, Joe’s selection is a testament to his unparalleled qualifications for the role. His duties encompass sampling, researching, and expertly pairing Casey’s pizzas with optimal beer selections. Moreover, Joe will craft engaging social media content to enlighten Casey’s Country about these distinctive pairings and will actively participate in public events to share their fervor for pizza and beer.

Tom Brennan, Chief Merchandising Officer at Casey’s, emphasizes the significance of introducing the Chief Pizza & Beer Officer role, underscoring Casey’s status as The Official Pizza and Beer Headquarters™. He expresses confidence in Joe’s capabilities to uphold the intrigue and pleasure of pizza and beer pairings, crucial to the community’s enjoyment. Casey’s enlisted the expertise of former NFL defensive tackle and prominent content creator Anthony “Spice” Adams to meticulously evaluate candidates against job criteria, ensuring the selection of the ultimate pizza and beer aficionado. Candidates were evaluated based on their enthusiasm, communication proficiency, and leadership qualities, with Joe embodying all these attributes and more.

Joe Cruz, Casey’s newly appointed Chief Pizza & Beer Officer, expresses his pride in representing Casey’s Country and assumes his role with eagerness. He describes his appointment as a fulfillment of his dream job, recognizing the unparalleled opportunity to bring the most delectable pizza and beer combinations to Casey’s patrons. Exciting content featuring pairing recommendations and surprises curated by the Chief Pizza & Beer Officer will be unveiled on Casey’s social media platforms, promising a flavorful journey for all.

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