Celebrating a decade of Prabhat

Over the once ten times, Prabhat has left an unforgettable mark on
10 million lives across our manufacturing spots in India. Through a multifaceted approach to community development, Prabhat has showcased the palpable issues of profitable commission, bettered health and nutrition, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.
Prabhat has erected flexible and inclusive communities, fostering a sense of power and participated progress. The collaboration between the HUL plant brigades and perpetration mates has been integral to Prabhat’s success. Together, we have drafted and enforced programs that go beyond conventional CSR, making a meaningful difference in the lives of every person Prabhat works with.

10 times, 10 highlights
. Prabhat livelihood centres
Prabhat Livelihood Centres, established across 18 plant spots, prioritise skill development, knowledge improvement, and mindset metamorphosis of women and youth. They equip actors with essential chops for the future, emphasising the creation of a sustainable ecosystem and commission of original communities.

  1. ranch- grounded value chain
    ranch- grounded value chain, a foundation action, empowers dairy growers and tone- help groups by integrating sustainable practices, technological advancements, and cost-effective request liaison. This strategic approach not only enhances inflows but also supports them, fostering holistic community impact.
  2. Poshan Saathi program
    Prabhat, through its Poshan Saathis, focuses on nutrition, offering vital support and guidance to adolescent girls, pregnant, lactating women, and children under the age of five. This devoted trouble aims to inseminate positive behavioural change towards nutrition and has impacted over two million individualities across 12 plant spots.
  3. Mobile medical units
    Prabhat’s commitment to health extends through its mobile medical units. These units give essential primary healthcare and drug, icing access to medical services where they’re demanded the most. Present at 3 plant spots, they bring primary healthcare closer to communities.
  4. Waste operation
    Prabhat’s waste operation enterprise are designed to reduce waste generation in communities while icing proper recycling and operation of generated waste. This poignant action blends a strong geste
    change element with on- ground activation for waste collection and recycling. presently functional at 7 plant spots, it underscores Prabhat’s commitment to environmental sustainability and a indirect frugality.
  5. Water stewardship
    Prabhat’s water stewardship program laboriously engages in conserving water through construction of check heads and fosses, icing water security for pastoral communities. cooperative interventions with growers on water-effective agrarian practices contribute to a positive water balance. This poignant water conservation trouble spans across 12 plant spots, reflecting Prabhat’s commitment to sustainable practices.
  6. Model eco townlets
    In a unique cooperation with GiZ, Prabhat is creating model eco townlets around our plant spots furnishing results to problems related to water, solid waste, and carbon- ferocious geste
    . The thing is to have communities thriving to achieve the status of water positive, zero waste to tip
    and carbon impartiality; and codifying the process which can help the other stakeholders, diligence, government, NGOs etc to replicate and gauge it further.
  7. Expansion to depot locales
    Prabhat is extending its impact to depot locales, empowering heirs with essential chops similar as IT, digital knowledge, and office preparedness. This expansion enhances capabilities and contributes to the overall development of these communities. As a first step, a skill training centre has been set up at Rajpura for the larger depot- linked communities.
  8. philanthropic relief
    Prabhat extended pivotal support during the epidemic, furnishing groceries and hygiene backing to communities across 21 countries and 2 Union homes. also, Prabhat’s immediate response during the Chiplun cataracts included offering primary healthcare, buttressing its commitment to the well- being of communities around HUL manufactories.
  9. Telemedicine
    Prabhat initiated telemedicine services as part of Covid relief, icing accessible healthcare consultations for communities. This innovative approach connects individualities with medical professionals ever, fostering health and well- being. Through telemedicine, Prabhat bridged gaps and enhanced healthcare availability, in midst of the epidemic. likewise, Prabhat’s excellence has earned us prestigious awards like the ICC Environment Sustainability Award, CSR Times Award, and SABERA, validating the invention, fidelity, and impact bedded in our enterprise. The once decade isn’t just about the number of times but about the lives converted, the communities upraised, and the spirit of positive change that HUL instanced through Prabhat.
    Dinesh Rajak, Kolkata
    Dinesh’s life is the perfect illustration of how strong determination can change one’s life. Born in a low- income family and raised by a single parent; life was always tough. He heard of the Prabhat Livelihood Centre where he inked up for the English Communication & IT Certificate courses. On successful completion of the course, he sat through the selection process for a many open positions at the HUL plant in Kolkata and to his delight, he made it. moment, life looks veritably different for Dinesh and his family. With a secure job as a plant Adjunct at HUL’s Garden Reach Factory, there’s so important to look forward to.
    Shahjahan, Sumerpur
    Shahjahan, a Poshan Saathi from Sumerpur, has surfaced as a shaft of stopgap for Alka, a new mama . During her home visits, she linked Alka as a vulnerable, expectant mama . floundering with poor health and battling anaemia, Alka came a focus of Shahjahan’s vigilant care. Making repeated home visits, she guided Alka on a balanced diet and proper nutrition for a healthy gestation. On one of the visits, she set up Alka looking exceptionally sick and weak and incontinently took her to the quarter sanitarium, where she was diagnosed with Hepatitis. Alka entered prompt treatment and good care at the sanitarium. In due course of time, she delivered a healthy baby boy. None of this would have been possible without the alert and married Poshan Saathi.

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