Collaborating for Impact Saka, Arsenal, and the Dirt Is Good Initiative

The collaboration between Dirt Is Good and Arsenal Football Club has kicked off with England and Arsenal forward Bukayo Saka leading the charge as the brand ambassador. Marking the 20th anniversary of Dirt Is Good, this partnership aims to engage millions while highlighting the shared commitment to excellence in both sports and laundry care.

Launched in 2023, this collaboration holds immense potential to connect with football enthusiasts worldwide, tapping into Arsenal’s vast fan base. Arsenal boasts an impressive 104 million followers in China alone, with an additional 82.3 million across India and Brazil. Saka, with around 12 million followers on various social media platforms, further amplifies the reach of this partnership.

The two-year collaboration focuses on celebrating the joy of getting active through sports, with their inaugural joint campaign featuring a short film titled ‘The Autograph.’ This heartwarming story follows a young Arsenal fan on a quest to retrieve Saka’s autograph after their signed shirt is accidentally washed clean by Persil bio 3in1 capsules.

The campaign extends beyond digital platforms, with guerrilla posters strategically placed around Arsenal’s home ground in London. Among these posters, seven were personally signed by Saka, sparking excitement among fans who embarked on a treasure hunt to find them. Those lucky enough to secure a signed poster were rewarded with their own autographed Saka shirt, mirroring the storyline of the film.

Tati Lindenberg, Vice President of Marketing for Dirt Is Good (Persil), expressed enthusiasm for the integrated campaign, emphasizing its alignment with the brand’s ethos of embracing life’s messy moments. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Dirt Is Good begins to share its narrative through the lens of sports, engaging new and passionate audiences.

Beyond the initial activation, the partnership aims to boost brand awareness and drive sales by leveraging the global reach and loyalty of both Arsenal and Dirt Is Good. Arsenal’s extensive presence in key markets such as Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America provides ample opportunities for Dirt Is Good to expand its audience base.

With over 338 million club followers worldwide and a significant social media following, Arsenal serves as a powerful ally in Dirt Is Good’s mission to connect with consumers on a global scale. This partnership signifies a strategic alliance aimed at uniting sports enthusiasts and laundry care aficionados under the banner of Dirt Is Good and Arsenal Football Club.

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