Corteva Agriscience Celebrates One-Year Milestone Following Symborg and Stoller Acquisitions

Celebrating the successful acquisition of Stoller and Symborg one year ago, Corteva Agriscience proudly introduces Corteva Biologicals, a proven lineup of solutions designed to assist farmers in navigating the dynamic landscape of agricultural markets and challenges.

These acquisitions have positioned Corteva as a global frontrunner in the biologicals market, underscoring the company’s dedication to equipping farmers with innovative tools for sustainable and integrated farming practices.

Corteva Biologicals offer farmers novel solutions to enhance crop interaction with their environment, optimizing nutrient and input utilization and augmenting natural processes. Engineered for reliable and consistent performance, these solutions can be used in conjunction with traditional crop protection products to enhance plant health or independently for organic farming practices.

Frederic Beudot, General Manager of Biologicals at Corteva, stated, “Corteva Biologicals addresses the evolving needs of farmers by offering innovative solutions to navigate changing market dynamics. Leveraging our global expertise and local presence, we collaborate with farmers to understand their challenges and assist them in improving performance, resilience, and potential yield.”

Highlighted innovations showcased at Commodity Classic (booth #1403) include:

Utrisha™ N: This nitrogen-fixing bacterium aids plants in capturing atmospheric nitrogen, thereby increasing farmers’ return on investment. Field trials demonstrate that soybean farmers using Utrisha N witness an average yield increase of 3.1 bushels per acre, while corn farmers observe an average increase of 6.9 bushels per acre. Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), Utrisha N is suitable for use in organic farming, offering benefits akin to conventional farming practices.

X-Cyte™: Enhancing plant resilience, X-Cyte supplies cytokinin, which stimulates cell division in plant roots and shoots, crucial for vegetative growth, reproductive development, and stress mitigation. It manages heat stress in labeled crops, enhancing pollen production, kernel weight, and grain density in corn, improving branching and seed size in soybeans, and increasing grains per head and stalk strength in wheat and small grains.

Bio Forge® Advanced: This product enhances performance and resilience by enabling plants to allocate more energy toward yield-enhancing physiology and reproduction. Applied to stressed or injured plants, Bio Forge Advanced optimizes recovery and improves abiotic stress tolerance throughout the growing season, thereby maximizing yield potential.

Local commercial teams are actively working to integrate Corteva Biologicals into Corteva’s marketing and packaging materials in the upcoming year.

Please note that the soybean and corn data mentioned are based on average yield advantages from field trials conducted between 2021-2023. Product performance may vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions, soil characteristics, and application methods.

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