Corteva Unveils Corteva Catalyst Initiative

Corteva, Inc. (NYSE: CTVA) has announced the introduction of Corteva Catalyst, a pioneering investment and partnership platform aimed at accessing and introducing agricultural innovations that align with the company’s research and development (R&D) objectives, thus fostering value creation. Corteva Catalyst intends to collaborate with entrepreneurs and visionaries to expedite the advancement of early-stage disruptive technologies, empowering farmers to enhance food and feed production sustainably.

Sam Eathington, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Digital Officer at Corteva, emphasized the company’s history of tackling farmers’ crucial challenges worldwide through innovative collaborations with the global scientific community. Eathington expressed confidence that Corteva Catalyst will uphold this tradition by combining the company’s substantial expertise and resources with the agility of startups and academic institutions, resulting in the delivery of novel solutions to farmers on a global scale. This initiative aims to broaden Corteva’s innovation pipeline and expedite its growth trajectory.

Corteva Catalyst leverages the company’s renowned expertise, established R&D capabilities, expansive global presence, and robust go-to-market infrastructure to facilitate the development and commercialization of pioneering technologies, thereby facilitating direct access for farmers.

Initially, Corteva Catalyst will concentrate on identifying opportunities within four strategic verticals closely aligned with the company’s R&D priorities: genome editing, biologicals and natural products, technology platforms, and decision science. Through these targeted efforts, Corteva aims to accelerate the pace of innovation in agriculture and bring transformative solutions to market more efficiently.

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