Cotton Incorporated Commemorates the Timeless Appeal of Genuine Cotton Denim on Blue Jeans’ 151st Anniversary

Cotton Incorporated Invites Consumers to Honor the 151st Anniversary of Blue Jeans

Cotton Incorporated urges individuals to recognize the 151st anniversary of blue jeans’ inception, a hallmark of American style and ingenuity. One avenue for participation is through the recycling of cotton denim, while also delving into the broader concept of cotton’s circularity and its multifaceted applications beyond fashion. To commemorate this special milestone, readers are encouraged to engage with our nationally renowned Blue Jeans Go Green™ program.

On this day in 1873, the fabric of fashion history was forever altered with the patenting of the first blue jeans. “The advent of blue jeans signified a watershed moment in fashion evolution,” remarked Andrea Samber, Director of Brand Partnerships at Cotton Incorporated. “From their utilitarian origins to their status as a global fashion staple, blue jeans have captivated the hearts and minds of people across generations and cultures.”

In addition to celebrating the illustrious heritage of blue jeans, Cotton Incorporated spotlights the impactful Blue Jeans Go Green™ initiative. This program collects denim for recycling into innovative applications, such as construction materials, pet bedding, thermal food packaging, and more. Since its inception, the Blue Jeans Go Green™ initiative has diverted millions of pounds of denim from landfills and insulated over 2,000 homes nationwide, recycling over 5.2 million pieces of denim and 2,630 tons.

“Through the Blue Jeans Go Green™ initiative, we can prolong the life cycle of denim while offering sustainable solutions to communities in need,” affirmed Samber. “It underscores the enduring influence of blue jeans beyond the realm of fashion.”

Since 2006, over 100 brands and retailers have collaborated with the program.

The Blue Jeans Go Green™ initiative represents just one facet of consumers’ ability to contribute to cotton sustainability. Denim recycling is made possible by its primary component, cotton, a renewable natural fiber. Through practices like resale, refurbishment, and upcycling, consumers can actively sustain the lifecycle of cotton.

High-quality cotton garments boast durability, rendering them ideal for the burgeoning secondhand market, where they can be reused repeatedly. Textiles crafted from 100% cotton can be recycled to create new products. Once they have reached the end of their utility or recyclability, cotton goods can be disposed of. Cotton exhibits biodegradability in various environments, including industrial compost, wastewater, saltwater, and freshwater, degrading more rapidly than synthetic fibers such as rayon and oil-based synthetics, according to Cotton Incorporated’s Cotton Circular Lifecycle.

As we commemorate the 151st birthday of blue jeans, Cotton Incorporated extends an invitation to individuals to support the Blue Jeans Go Green™ initiative. By repurposing old denim, you can play a part in fostering environmental sustainability and community well-being.

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