Cropin Earns B Corp Certification, Enhancing its Dedication to Sustainable Food Systems

Cropin Technology, a global leader in Agtech facilitating intelligent agriculture, proudly announces its attainment of Certified B Corporation™ (“B Corp”) status, marking a significant milestone in its enduring dedication to advancing social and environmental progress and revolutionizing sustainable food systems worldwide. This certification reflects a thorough evaluation of Cropin’s profound impact over the past decade in revolutionizing agricultural practices, empowering farmers, and reshaping agribusiness paradigms through its state-of-the-art Agtech solutions. The B Corp movement epitomizes a global endeavor to leverage business as a Force for Good®.

Positioned as a prominent B Corp within the Agtech sphere, Cropin stands at the forefront of a global transition towards an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Its B Corp certification underscores its commitment to excellence across critical domains, including governance, employee welfare, community and customer empowerment, environmental stewardship, and a legal obligation to stakeholder governance. This reaffirms Cropin’s significant strides in fostering predictability, traceability, and inherent sustainability within agriculture, generating value for all stakeholders within the food systems. Notably, this includes the empowerment of farmers, fostering substantial advancements in underserved communities’ livelihoods. Furthermore, this certification underscores Cropin’s pivotal role in spearheading the global ‘Ag-intelligence’ movement, evident through:

  • Positive impacts on millions globally, notably women farmers in emerging markets
  • Deployment of Agri-climate tech solutions across 103 countries
  • Introduction of the world’s inaugural industry cloud for agriculture, underpinned by a Crop Knowledge Graph encompassing 500 crops and 10,000 crop varieties
  • Cultivation of intelligence over 200 million acres of farmland
  • Redefinition of agriculture through digitalization, data utilization, and intelligence for agribusinesses, development agencies, and governmental stakeholders

Krishna Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO of Cropin, expressed his pride and humility regarding the prestigious B Corp certification, emphasizing its critical timing amidst the imperative need for agricultural transformation to attain global climate goals. Given the substantial impact of food systems on greenhouse gas emissions, freshwater consumption, and fossil fuel usage, agricultural transformation becomes indispensable, with the Agritech sector, including Cropin, playing a pivotal role. Through this certification, Cropin reaffirms its commitment to catalyzing ecosystem stakeholders in this transformative journey.

“The B Corp certification serves as a tangible testament to a business’s sustainability commitment,” remarked Sugandhi Matta, Chief Impact Officer at ABC Impact, a sentiment echoed by many. Attaining B Corp status entails meeting rigorous social and environmental performance standards, fostering public transparency, and upholding legal accountability, harmonizing profit motives with purpose-driven initiatives. Cropin’s achievement of B Corp certification underscores its dedication to generating positive impacts for all stakeholders, with sustainability embedded at the heart of its decision-making processes. As an ABC Impact portfolio company, Cropin’s commitment is celebrated, with wishes extended for continued success in reshaping and fortifying sustainable food systems globally.

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