Danimerscientific Unveils Fresh Branding and Innovations in PHA Applications at NPE 2024

A premier next-generation bioplastics enterprise, Danimer Scientific, focused on pioneering PHA biopolymers, is set to unveil groundbreaking commercial applications and a fresh brand identity at NPE 2024, North America’s premier plastics expo, hosted this week in Orlando, FL.

The spotlight at NPE 2024 shines on “A more perfect polymer™” as Danimer introduces its flagship PHA, Nodax®—ushering in a revolution in polymer perfection. Utilizing naturally occurring polymer chains known as PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates), Danimer employs microbial reactors fueled by renewable canola oil feedstock to craft its biopolymers. Nodax® is primed to replace traditional plastics in a myriad of applications, from straws to lids, coffee pods to flexible packaging, and paper coatings to adhesives. With full-scale PHA production capabilities in place, Danimer is on the brink of substantial expansion through partnerships across various sectors, notably cutlery, flexible food packaging, and paper packaging barrier coatings.

“Microbes, not Microplastics™” heralds a new era in packaging solutions. Danimer is steadfast in its commitment to combat plastic pollution and the menace of microplastics proliferation. The emphasis lies on microbes, from inception to degradation. Microbes are the architects behind our PHAs’ creation and facilitate their biochemical recycling, whether in industrial compost, home compost, soils, freshwater, or marine ecosystems.

Thanks to the innate recognition of PHAs as a food source by a wide array of microbes in natural environments, residual microplastics pose no threat. Our PHA grades are third-party certified for complete biodegradability under diverse conditions, with the added assurance of no ecotoxicity concerns, PFAS, or regulated metals. Nodax stands as a “more perfect polymer™” for our planet—a sustainable solution for a pressing global challenge.

“Here today, gone tomorrow” encapsulates the ethos of Danimer’s PHA. The company has made significant investments in pioneering the world’s first commercial production facility in Winchester, KY, to make PHAs accessible on a global scale. Already, these PHAs are making waves across North America, finding applications in various sectors. WinCup’s phade® straws are swiftly becoming the preferred choice for restaurants, coastal cities, and even coral reef restoration endeavors. Bolthouse Farms launched a new carrot packaging featuring Danimer PHA at Meijer stores in early 2024. Anticipate the unveiling of innovative solutions for flexible packaging, cutlery, and lids within the next six months. Notably, the beauty of these packaging and food service applications lies in their transient nature—they biodegrade in compost or natural environments if inadvertently released.

“More perfect partnerships” are pivotal to Danimer’s success. The company has forged enduring research and commercial partnerships with numerous brands and continues to seek new collaborators to drive the adoption of PHA solutions. Visit our NPE booth at S27027 to explore our partner wall and witness firsthand the array of groundbreaking commercial applications.

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