Darling Ingredients Collagen Peptide Profiles for Health Benefits

Darling Ingredients Inc. (NYSE: DAR) has unveiled a groundbreaking revelation today: leveraging a proprietary process, they’ve identified a range of collagen peptide profiles poised to deliver specific health and wellness advantages. Through rigorous scientific trials, these active collagen peptides have showcased their potential in addressing various common health concerns, including the natural reduction of post-meal blood sugar spikes in healthy individuals. Moreover, the company is diligently crafting a suite of other active collagen products tailored to offer targeted health enhancements.

Randall C. Stuewe, Chairman and CEO, expressed the significance of this breakthrough, stating, “Darling Ingredients has ushered in a new era of collagen-based solutions that are truly transformative. By harnessing the potential of natural collagen through our proprietary methods, we’ve unlocked avenues for precise health benefits.” Stuewe further conveyed their enthusiasm for this discovery and their ongoing collaboration with diverse consumer products companies to swiftly introduce these innovative products to the market.

In the upcoming Fall of 2024, Darling Ingredients’ health and wellness brand Rousselot is poised to launch its inaugural active collagen peptide to consumer products companies. This initial product aims to combat post-meal blood sugar spikes in healthy individuals.

Stuewe underscored the magnitude of this breakthrough, remarking, “This discovery is a game-changer, heralding numerous avenues for product innovation. Backed by robust scientific foundations and pending patents, we remain committed to harnessing the potential of native collagen to devise an array of solutions, each tailored to deliver targeted health benefits.”

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