Davos Unveils Annual Youth Innovation Prize Kickoff

A decade after its establishment by Nestlé, the Global Alliance for YOUth has forged a new alliance with the Global Shapers, an initiative by the World Economic Forum, and Accenture to enhance support for youth innovation. Starting in 2024, members of the Global Shapers’ community will be encouraged to apply for assistance to propel their groundbreaking ideas forward.

This collaboration marks a significant achievement for the Global Alliance for YOUth, which has broadened its reach and impact, offering over 40 million opportunities to young people worldwide over the past ten years.

The Global Shapers Community, founded by Klaus Schwab, Chairman and Founder of the World Economic Forum in 2011, comprises over 10,000 members in 500 city-based hubs across 150 countries. These young changemakers collaborate to address local, regional, and global challenges, organizing projects tailored to their communities’ needs.

While youth-led initiatives are driving positive change, many lack essential support and mentorship to bring their ideas to fruition. Recognizing the vital role of the private sector, companies and executives are increasingly contributing to economic opportunities for youth, playing a crucial part in advancing progress for the next generation.

Global Shapers with promising solutions for community improvement will receive specialized upskilling, mentorship, funding, and storytelling support. These solutions will encompass diverse topics such as upskilling-reskilling, environmental sustainability, and fostering more inclusive societies.

Executives from Global Alliance for YOUth member companies, including Nestlé, convened with Young Change Makers at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2024 to discuss the criteria for the Innovation Prize and the exciting collaboration ahead.

Laurent Freixe, CEO Zone Latin America at Nestlé and Global Alliance for YOUth Founder and Chairman, emphasized the need for bold actions from the private sector to support younger generations actively. He expressed pride in the collaboration with the Global Shapers Community to launch the Innovation Prize, a platform aiming to reward and accelerate breakthrough solutions for youth by youth.

Nestlé, which founded the regional Alliance for YOUth in Europe a decade ago, expanded its reach to other regions over the years. With a commitment to preparing young people for the professional world, Nestlé collaborates with private sector colleagues to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

To date, 25 global companies have joined the Global Alliance for YOUth, working alongside non-private sector partners like the International Labour Organization, the World Bank, Junior Achievement, UNESCO, and The Global Shapers Community through initiatives like Decent Jobs for Youth and Solutions 4 Youth Employment, The Global Apprenticeship Network, among others.

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