Discover Grab’s Latest Budget-Friendly Offerings for Enhanced Value and Savings

Envision a lifestyle where high-quality transportation and delivery services come at an affordable cost. Grab Philippines is turning this imagination into reality with its latest array of budget-friendly solutions. GrabCar Saver, GrabFood Saver Delivery, GrabFood Saver Meals, and innovative subscription plans like GrabUnlimited and Grab Ride Saver are reshaping the concept of smart and economical living in today’s fast-paced world.

Grace Vera Cruz, the forward-thinking Country Head of Grab Philippines, articulates this transformative direction, stating, “At Grab, we extend beyond offering everyday services to our consumers; we actively contribute to enriching the lives of our kababayans nationwide. Recognizing safety, reliability, and convenience as the foundations of a modern, dynamic life, our latest cost-effective solutions invite more Filipinos to experience an enhanced way of living without financial strain, made possible through our superapp.”

Throughout the bustling streets of the Philippines, Grab is revolutionizing the daily commute. Enter GrabCar Saver, an innovative service reducing fares by up to 15% compared to regular GrabCar fares. Initially launched in Pampanga and Metro Manila with plans for expansion, GrabCar Saver maintains the high-quality ride-hailing experience Grab is known for, now at a more affordable price. Passengers may experience a slightly longer wait time as drivers carefully evaluate destinations and fare arrangements, ensuring a fair and transparent experience for both parties.

In addition to GrabCar Saver, commuters can opt for GrabShare, a cost-saving carpooling feature on Grab, offering up to 30% savings compared to regular GrabCar rides.

Enhancing value-for-money through subscription plans is another highlight. The 2023 Grab Food and Grocery Trends Report revealed that GrabUnlimited subscribers ordered 2.4 times more per month compared to non-subscribers, showcasing the value it brings. Recently enhanced with exclusive discount deals, GrabUnlimited now offers multi-month plans, with the annual plan priced at Php 240, reducing the monthly subscription cost to a budget-friendly Php 20.

Specifically catering to transportation services, Grab introduces Grab RideSaver, a subscription package cutting 10% off the total fare for 60 rides over two months, available to users for just Php 99.

Vera Cruz emphasizes Grab’s commitment to maintaining platform robustness, ensuring every stakeholder maximizes their spending and earnings. She notes, “Our affordability strategy aims to broaden service accessibility and boost the earnings potential of our driver- and merchant-partners, complementing other initiatives for increased efficiency and productivity.”

In essence, Grab’s initiatives go beyond cost-saving features; they signify a lifestyle transformation for Filipinos, enabling them to enjoy life’s pleasures without worrying about financial constraints—a smooth ride, a delicious meal, and a well-planned grocery haul.

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