DoorDash Data Reveals Growing Trend Enjoying Takeout from the Comfort of Bed

DoorDash has unveiled its latest Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report, providing valuable insights into shifting consumer dining behaviors and preferences over the past year. This comprehensive analysis delves into a range of topics, from evolving generational eating habits to the enduring significance of delivery apps in today’s marketplace.

The report highlights the necessity for businesses to adapt continually to meet evolving consumer demands. Michael Solomonov, Chef & Co-Owner of CookNSolo Restaurants and Chief Restaurant Advisor at DoorDash, emphasized the importance of listening to customers and striving for improvement daily to enhance operational efficiency and community engagement.

Despite economic fluctuations, DoorDash has seen substantial growth, with 620 million orders in Q1 2024 alone—a 21% increase year-over-year . The report reflects this trend, revealing that 70% of surveyed consumers had ordered food delivery in the past month, with almost half placing repeat orders weekly. Notably, a third of respondents reported increased delivery usage compared to the previous year, indicating a growing reliance on third-party delivery apps like DoorDash .

Key findings shed light on consumer preferences. Selection and affordability drive choices, with menu variety (55%) and pricing (50%) ranking as top motivators for selecting new restaurants. Friday and Saturday evenings are peak ordering times, especially around 6 pm, reflecting consumers’ preference for convenient weekend dining .

Generational differences also emerged, with younger consumers turning to platforms like TikTok (30%) and Instagram (29%) for restaurant recommendations. Additionally, comfort plays a crucial role, with over half of Baby Boomers preferring traditional dishes and utensils over takeout containers .

These insights provide valuable guidance for restaurateurs seeking to optimize operations and connect with consumers effectively. The full report promises a deeper dive into emerging trends and actionable strategies for leveraging the online ordering landscape .

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