DoorDash Introduces Portable Benefits Program for Dashers in Pennsylvania

Today, we are excited to unveil a pioneering initiative aimed at establishing a portable benefits savings program for Dashers through a six-month trial in Pennsylvania. This program will cover various essential expenses such as retirement savings, health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as paid time off.

We understand that an increasing number of individuals are seeking opportunities to supplement their traditional income with flexible earning options that align with their financial aspirations. Many DoorDash Dashers value the ability to balance their delivery commitments with other responsibilities. In fact, the average Dasher spends less than 4 hours per week on deliveries, and most Dashers already have alternative sources of income or access to benefits like retirement savings and healthcare.

Nevertheless, workers should not have to compromise between the security of traditional employment and the flexibility of independent work. A promising solution lies in the concept of “portable benefits,” enabling independent contractors such as Dashers to access additional savings for crucial benefits, traditionally tied to employment, with the backing of companies like DoorDash.

Running from April to September 2024, the pilot program will allocate funds to eligible Dashers in Pennsylvania, ensuring they can access vital benefits without sacrificing their independence.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro commented, “DoorDash’s new pilot program for Pennsylvania Dashers is a positive step forward, as it can give Pennsylvania workers greater access to benefits. My Administration looks forward to seeing the results of this program, and we will continue working to protect and expand the rights of all workers in Pennsylvania.”

DoorDash CEO and co-founder Tony Xu expressed, “We believe that everyone deserves access, choice, and security when it comes to how they want to work. We’re proud that dashing has helped millions of people achieve greater financial security, but we know that outdated rules have meant there are trade-offs for those who dash more consistently and may be missing out on important benefits. Instead of settling for the way it has always been done, we can continue to try new things and expand the safety net in ways that provide both flexibility and security.”

Partnering with Governor Shapiro, DoorDash aims to introduce portable benefits to Pennsylvania Dashers, setting an example of addressing the unique needs of gig workers.

Through the portable benefits platform Stride, participants can allocate their savings to relevant categories and access informative resources about benefit offerings. Key features of this pilot program include:

  • Eligibility for Pennsylvania Dashers who earn at least $1,000 in the second quarter of the year (excluding tips) through the DoorDash platform to open a Stride Save account and receive deposits into their portable benefits savings.
  • During the pilot period, participating Dashers will receive deposits equivalent to 4% of their pre-tip earnings.
  • Dashers can also contribute personal funds to the account, and all funds will remain portable with them.

DoorDash has consistently advocated for innovative solutions that uphold the flexibility Dashers value while expanding access to meaningful benefits and protections. Collaborating with leading national organizations and supporting legislative proposals, DoorDash aims to enhance financial well-being and economic opportunities for Dashers across the nation.

Moving forward, DoorDash remains committed to collaborating with stakeholders who share its vision, ensuring workers in Pennsylvania and beyond have the freedom to work as they choose, timely access to income, and the security provided by benefits and protections.

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