DoorDash’s Sustainable Reusable Packaging Initiative

We’re excited to support customers worldwide in getting what they need promptly, while also striving to reduce waste. The surge in pollution stemming from single-use packaging has profound effects on our planet and the communities we cherish. Recognizing packaging’s indispensable role in restaurant delivery and takeout, we’re committed to assisting merchants in transitioning to sustainable packaging solutions. Leveraging our extensive network of merchants and customers globally, we’re uniquely positioned to tackle the challenge of packaging waste effectively. Our goal is to make sustainability the default choice, and we’re enthusiastic about collaborating with customers to actualize this vision.

In 2023, we facilitated over 180,000 orders worldwide with reusable packaging, spanning the countries where DoorDash and Wolt operate. In the United States, we’re actively partnering with DeliverZero to expand this initiative. DeliverZero offers packaging designed for return and reuse up to 1,000 times, significantly reducing waste and cutting emissions associated with packaging production. Additionally, reusable containers provide added benefits, such as better insulation for maintaining food temperature during delivery.

“At Humbowl, we’re dedicated to promoting healthier and more sustainable eating habits. By incorporating DeliverZero into our DoorDash offerings, we’re reducing packaging waste and empowering our customers to minimize their environmental footprint,” says Eric Wright from Humbowl in Berkeley.

DoorDash customers in select cities like Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, New York City, and Hudson County, New Jersey, can now experience reusable containers when ordering from participating restaurants. Simply search “DeliverZero” in the DoorDash app to locate local eateries offering reusable container packaging. Ordering food in reusable containers is hassle-free:

  1. Choose a restaurant: Look for “DeliverZero” in the DoorDash app or explore our partner restaurants like Brine (NYC), Cavany Foods (NJ), Hijo de su Madre (LA), Chook (Denver), and New Dehli Restaurant (Bay Area).
  2. Add Menu Item: Include the DeliverZero menu item in your order (prices vary and are determined by the restaurant). You only need to add this item once, regardless of your order’s size.
  3. Receive your order: Your food will be packed and delivered in reusable containers.
  4. Return your containers: Within 24 hours of placing your order, DeliverZero will provide return instructions. You can also find instructions on DeliverZero’s website.

Give it a try, share your feedback through the app, and join us in making reuse both convenient and enjoyable. Merchants interested in implementing reusable containers at their establishments can sign up and receive their first month of packaging free here.

Our commitment to combating climate change extends beyond addressing packaging waste. We’re actively working to mitigate emissions generated from our operations and deliveries. For more details on our climate progress in 2023, visit our sustainability update.

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