EarthOptics Passes One Million Physically Counterplotted Acres, Leads Digital Soil Revolution

EarthOptics Passes One Million Physically Counterplotted Acres, Leads Digital Soil Revolution
EarthOptics, a coming- generation soil mapping and dimension company, blazoned moment it has counterplotted and physically measured one million acres of cropland and ranchland. The important corner places the company and its SoilMapper ™ platform in the top request position, demonstrating a growing demand amongst growers and drovers for comprehensive soil intelligence.

Since 2021, the company has measured and counterplotted land across four mainlands and 45U.S. countries, at a current rate of 10,000 physical soil samples a day and 100,000 acres measured and counterplotted each month. EarthOptics is also the number one carbon dimension company for champaign and rangeland realty, with 300,000 tons of sequestered carbon tallied to date. As the company fleetly scales its SoilMapper ™ platform, it’s significantly advancing regenerative husbandry practices with comprehensive soil data driving better opinions on tillage, toxin, planting, and soil treatments. The platform enables land possessors to drive down functional costs and nurture the land sustainably while contemporaneously adding carbon prisoner.

“ EarthOptics has come a trusted mate for Grassroots Carbon. Their moxie in rigorous deep soil slice and stylish- in- class dimension protocols enables us to corroborate and certify high- quality soil carbon drawdown credits on behalf of our network ofU.S. drovers. Together with trusted mates like EarthOptics, we’re helping award drovers for their regenerative soil health practices by generating measured and vindicated soil carbon credits that meet the rigorous conditions of our leading commercial carbon credit buyers, ” said Brad Tipper, CEO of Grassroots Carbon.

The company’s personal platform combined with ground verity soil samples, is training its artificial intelligence to read crucial soil attributes – nutrient situations, ground contraction, carbon content, and humidity – directly and snappily. The data gestured from ground piercing radar combined with electromagnetic induction scanning is anatomized alongside physical soil samples, giving farmers practicable perceptivity into the physical characteristics of their soil. The perceptivity from SoilMapper ™ lead to better opinions on regenerative land practices – through precise data for tillage zones and depth, guidance for variable- rate toxin operations, grazing plans, crop reels, and openings for boosting carbon prisoner.

CEO Lars Dyrud said, “ Our vision for coming generation soil data integrates physical samples withmulti-sensor data, enabling growers and drovers to make their operations more effective, sustainable, and profitable. ”

Because the company has covered so numerous acres, it has learned to execute efficiently through different geographies, frequently in remote grazing terrain across varying elevations. The effectiveness advancements affect in better delicacy and value to guests. Plus the soil reviews covering further than a million acres have been vindicated with physical samples – both feeding EarthOptics ’ machine literacy system and constantly perfecting the delicacy of its robotic intelligence. Together, this drives down client cost as EarthOptics is suitable to ripen comprehensive soil perceptivity with significantly smaller samples. formerly the company has been suitable to reduce the number of physical samples taken by a factor of five.
About EarthOptics

EarthOptics is a growing agrarian technology company erecting the world’s first soil pall. It’s developing coming generation detectors and algorithms to characterize soil parcels at scale. The company believes soil health and below- ground perfection is foundational to a sustainable food system. It’s concentrated on delivering practicable point- of- care perceptivity on the physical, chemical, and natural attributes of soil. crucial technologies driving the company’s growth are

GroundOwl ™
Multi-modal, electromagnetic soil viscosity dimension system designed specifically for agrarian operations, and landing soil data at a rate of 16 data points per second.
SoilMapper ™ Platform
Personal data visualization interface allowing guests to view their soil data in custom easy- to- use high resolution field maps delivering perceptivity on tillage, carbon, and crucial soil nutrients.
TillMapper ™
Flagship mapping system measuring agrarian contraction, informing custom tillage conventions when combined with SoilMapper ™ interface
CMapper ™
High- resolution carbon and organic happy mapping system exercising patented technology for fusing in- situ measures with remote detector data and machine literacy
NutrientMapper ™
Precise essential analysis and soil health dimension system delivering nutrient andmicro-nutrient soil biographies on attributes like potassium, pH, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
EarthOptics Soil pall
Growing database of physical, chemical, and natural soil data collected from EarthOptics technologies. Produces perceptivity for calibrating contraction measures and soil parallels between growing regions, informing stylish practices forcross-field analytics.

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