Enhancing Transparency and Affordability A DoorDash Progress Report

DoorDash has seamlessly integrated into the daily routines of countless individuals nationwide, offering a convenient solution to save both time and money. Whether it’s facilitating weeknight family dinners, delivering groceries to elderly citizens, or providing meals and medication to unwell friends, DoorDash strives to be an affordable and inclusive option for all Americans, especially in the face of persistently high living costs.

In a recent Gallup survey, nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults expressed that recent price hikes have significantly impacted their financial stability. Recognizing the importance of transparency and affordability, DoorDash has taken proactive measures to empower consumers with clear information about fees. Prior to checkout, customers can effortlessly view the complete breakdown of charges, ensuring informed decisions regarding their spending and budgeting.

In our commitment to transparency and affordability, we have implemented various initiatives over the past year. These include enhancing in-app fee explanations, eliminating numerous regulatory response fees, and offering $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees through our DashPass subscription service, resulting in collective savings of over $10 billion globally since 2018.

Today, we’re excited to share updates on our ongoing efforts to alleviate the burden of living expenses for consumers:

  1. Continued Reduction of DoorDash Fees: With over 18 million DashPass or Wolt+ members enjoying $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees, and a 12% decrease in fees for non-members over the past two years, DoorDash remains committed to making its platform more financially accessible for all.
  2. Expansion of SNAP / EBT Payments: In 2023, DoorDash took a significant step towards enhancing food access by accepting SNAP / EBT payments with multiple grocery store partners at over 4,000 locations nationwide. This initiative has particularly benefited individuals living in food deserts and low-income communities.
  3. Introduction of Features to Aid Savings: As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and affordability, we are continuously exploring innovative features to lower fees and highlight budget-friendly options on our platform. Through rigorous testing, we aim to further enhance consumer savings and satisfaction.

DoorDash remains dedicated to serving diverse communities across the nation and will continue to explore additional avenues to ensure affordability and accessibility for all.

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