EverGen Sets Gas Production Records at Fraser Valley Biogas

EverGen Achieves Record Renewable Natural Gas Production at Fraser Valley Biogas

EverGen proudly announces a significant milestone in Renewable Natural Gas (“RNG”) production at the Fraser Valley Biogas facility’s newly completed expansion. With extensive enhancements, EverGen achieves new single-day and monthly production records, addressing the province’s growing RNG demand.

The seamless integration of new feedstock processing and biogas upgrading systems into Fraser Valley Biogas’ original design showcases the efficiency of these upgrades. Notably, the following production records were achieved before commissioning and ramp-up of a third digestor in early-March:

  • Daily Production Record: 450 GJs
  • Monthly Production Record: 9,716 GJs

“Our Fraser Valley Biogas facility’s successful ramp-up and record-breaking gas production demonstrate our operations team’s capability to execute core projects,” stated EverGen CEO, Mischa Zajtmann. “Our endeavors yield tangible results, with expectations to surpass the facility’s nameplate capacity of 160,000 GJs per year upon full ramp-up.”

With ongoing optimization efforts and the installation of the third digester, EverGen remains steadfast in its production goals, meeting Canada’s rising demands for RNG and low-carbon infrastructure.

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