EverGen Signs 20-Year RNG Deal with FortisBC and Secures Feedstock for Fraser Valley

EverGen is pleased to announce a 20-year offtake agreement with FortisBC Energy Inc. (FortisBC) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Fraser Valley Biogas Ltd. (FVB), pending approval from the British Columbia Utilities Commission. Under this agreement, FortisBC will purchase Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from FVB for integration into its natural gas system. This ensures a stable RNG supply for FortisBC and provides EverGen with a dependable customer and a long-term revenue stream.

“The execution of this agreement has further solidified EverGen’s long-standing relationship with FortisBC,” said EverGen CEO Mischa Zajtmann. “We thank FortisBC for their continued support as a valued stakeholder of the EverGen platform.”

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with EverGen and Fraser Valley Biogas, one of our very first RNG suppliers,” said David Bennett, director of renewable gas and low carbon fuels at FortisBC. “Increasing our RNG supply helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supports our vision to have around 75% of the gas in our system be renewable and low-carbon by 2050.”

EverGen has also secured a long-term feedstock supply agreement with a regional waste disposal consolidator. This secured feedstock represents over 50% of the off-farm waste needed to reach nameplate capacity.

“Securing this long-term energy-rich waste, along with our previously secured feedstock streams, ensures input security for the FVB project,” added Zajtmann. “With both offtake and feedstock agreements in place on a long-term basis, EverGen has significantly de-risked the FVB project.”

FVB, a wholly owned subsidiary of EverGen, is the original producing RNG project in Western Canada and first project to inject RNG into FortisBC’s network, part of the North American natural gas infrastructure network. The facility combines anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading to produce RNG, including converting agricultural waste from local dairy farms. FVB also produces an organic liquid fertilizer that is used by surrounding farms to displace synthetic fertilizers. This macronutrient rich, odour free fertilizer has been a key part of many local farms’ nutrient management planning for over a decade.

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