EVERY and LANDISH Introduce Innovative Protein-Enhanced Drink Mixes

The EVERY Company, renowned for its innovations in functional proteins, and Landish Foods, a leader in North American nutritional wellness, have jointly unveiled an exciting new line of ready-to-mix powders under the brand FERMY™. The debut offerings, Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte, harness EVERY’s pioneering egg white protein technology. This revolutionary protein source delivers 8g of easily digestible protein per serving, renowned for its exceptionally clean taste profile in the market.

FERMY products go beyond conventional protein supplements by incorporating ingredients such as MCT oil and lion’s mane mushroom. These additions cater to the increasing consumer demand for accessible, sustainable protein solutions paired with cognitive benefits. Available now for purchase online at fermy.co, these products aim to meet the needs of busy lifestyles without compromising on taste or quality.

Daniel Novak, CEO of Landish Foods, highlighted the motivation behind the new products: “Many individuals, particularly those with hectic mornings, struggle to obtain sufficient high-quality protein to start their day. Our commitment lies in sourcing the purest ingredients with minimal environmental impact. Traditional plant proteins often fall short in terms of taste and texture, especially in beverages like coffee or matcha.”

Lance Lively, VP of Growth at EVERY, emphasized the significance of the collaboration: “Our partnership with Landish marks a milestone for protein enthusiasts nationwide. FERMY’s powders seamlessly blend into coffee and other beverages, providing a convenient way for consumers to meet their protein needs without disrupting their daily routines.”

EVERY’s precision fermentation technique enables the production of egg proteins that are equivalent to those found in nature but historically challenging to source from traditional egg production methods. This approach allows food manufacturers to enhance a wide range of products with a protein source that maintains the taste and texture consumers expect.

The introduction of FERMY follows the successful launch of previous functional beverages incorporating EVERY ingredients, including a smoothie from Pressed Juicery and protein-enriched hard juices by Pulp Culture.

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