Expanded Farmer Access to Corteva’s Enlist ® Herbicides Anticipated for 2024 Growing Season

Expanded Farmer Access to Corteva’s Enlist ® Herbicides Anticipated for 2024 Growing Season

After successfully completing a comprehensive Exposed Species Act( ESA) discussion process, Corteva Agriscience’s innovative Enlist ® dressings are poised for expanded use in formerly confined counties in crucial growing regions across theU.S.

The rigorous ESA review was originally conducted by theU.S. Environmental Protection Agency( EPA), also largely verified and meliorated by discussion with theU.S. Fish & Wildlife Service( FWS). The result is a Final Biological Opinion( BiOp) that supports the elimination of the whole- county restrictions that were recently assessed in January 2022 grounded on EPA’s ESA threat assessment, including counties in Texas and Georgia, broadening growers ’ unborn access to this unique and effective system for sustainable weed control. *

“ With its near- zero volatility and reduced implicit for physical drift, the Enlist system has come a commanding choice for effective and neighbor-friendly control of the toughest weeds, ” said Robert King, Executive Vice President, Crop Protection Business, Corteva Agriscience. “ The allocation of the Final BiOp supports the EPA’s review and the junking of county-wide restrictions, eventually furnishing further growers with certainty and access to effective, and more sustainable, weed control options. ”

Applicators should continue to abide by current product markers until supplemental markers are issued. Please consult with your original deals professional about how these forthcoming changes may apply to individual operations. In addition to following current marker guidelines, farmers and applicators should relate to the Exposed Species Protection Bulletins, which will include targeted,sub-county restrictions in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.
Correction Release has been streamlined to reflect that the junking of whole county restrictions was in reference to the recently confined counties impacted by the January 2022 enrollment . This action doesn’t change the status of those countries and counties that have noway experienced ESA review and assessment for Enlist pesticide use and where Matriculate dressings have noway been registered for use.
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™ ® Trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its related companies. The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3 ® soybeans is concertedly developed and possessed by Corteva Agriscience andM.S. Technologies,L.L.C. Enlist Duo ® and Matriculate One ® dressings aren’t registered for trade or use in all countries or counties. communicate your state fungicide nonsupervisory agency to determine if a product is registered for trade or use in your area. Matriculate Brace ® and Matriculate One ® are the only 2,4- D products authorized for use with Enlist ® crops. Consult Enlist ® pesticide markers for weed species controlled. Always read and follow marker directions.

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