Exxe Group Achieves Historic Revenue Highs in December 2023 Quarter

Exxe Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: AXXA), known as “Exxe,” a diversified fintech company, is excited to unveil its performance for the period ending December 31, 2023.

Business Strategies and Achievements:

During the quarter, Exxe Group underwent a substantial review process of its US real estate and other contracts, optimizing its portfolio by exiting certain projects and reallocating resources towards assets with robust revenue potential. This strategic maneuvering led to significant reductions in expenses, intangibles, and goodwill, setting the stage for future revenue and asset growth.

Dr. Eduard Nazmiev, CEO of Exxe Group, expressed, “The past quarter marked a period of intensive efforts for Exxe Group as we meticulously reviewed our operations and streamlined our portfolio. By divesting from assets that didn’t align with our strategic vision, we’ve primed ourselves for more focused and lucrative ventures. These actions have fortified our balance sheet, enhanced current revenue streams, and bolstered our cash reserves, ensuring a solid foundation for future growth.”


Exxe Group strategically divested from non-strategic US real estate contracts, redirecting its focus towards long-term growth opportunities in Europe. Additionally, various assets such as heating paint technology and US-based contracts were liquidated, further aligning the company with its strategic objectives.

Financial Milestones:

The period witnessed significant improvements in Exxe Group’s financial metrics. Cash reserves saw a notable increase from $561,600 to $810,772, while long-term debt decreased by $19,069,339 to $30,456,045. Total debt also witnessed a substantial reduction, declining by $20,614,542 to $46,031,370, enhancing liquidity and bolstering the company’s financial resilience.

Revenue Performance:

Exxe Group achieved record-breaking quarterly revenue, with earnings for the period ending December 31, 2023 (3Q2024) reaching $15,497,240, marking a 15.1% increase from $13,464,338 reported for the same period in the previous year. Moreover, the company exhibited an encouraging upward trend in quarterly revenue run rates, which surged by approximately 19.5% from FY-2023 to FY-2024.

Financial Metrics Overview:

Total long-term debt for the period ending December 31, 2023, amounted to $30,456,045, reflecting a substantial decrease of 32.1% compared to the same period in the previous year. Operating expenses also experienced a decline, totaling $3,720,946, down by 6.8% from the preceding year. Although total assets decreased by 14.2% to $221,563,365, this was primarily attributable to the strategic divestiture of non-strategic assets, aligning the company with its long-term vision.

In summary, Exxe Group’s strategic initiatives, coupled with its robust financial performance, position the company for sustained growth and value creation in the fintech sector.

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