Germany Embraces Plant-Forward Menus for Health and Environmental Benefits

Eating more plant-forward meals that emphasize vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes while reducing or eliminating meat and other animal products has proven to be beneficial for both people and the environment.

Great news for Aramark Germany customers: enjoying plant-forward meals has become even easier with the launch of the new Planet Power menu line.

Aramark chefs in Germany have been crafting climate-friendly menus for a decade under their Earth Week label. In 2022, they introduced a series of plant-forward recipes based on recommendations from the EAT-Lancet Commission’s Planetary Health Diet, now available in over 400 Aramark Germany restaurants.

This May, the team made these offerings permanent with the new Planet Power menu line. “The Planetary Health Diet aims to reduce the ecological footprint while incorporating all necessary nutrients,” explains Ulrike Moessner, Head of Culinary Creation and Nutrition at Aramark Germany. “We are thrilled to establish this concept as a permanent menu line under the new Planet Power brand.”

Planet Power meals range from vegan and vegetarian options to dishes that include moderate amounts of fish, poultry, and meat.

With over 50 recipes, Planet Power meals include Baked Summer Roll with cabbage, chickpeas, peppers, and peanuts; Barley Risotto with green peas, lemon, fried pollock, and marinated snap peas; and Vegetable Noodles with caramelized carrots, pumpkin, and parsley foam.

In addition to considering nutritional content and the guidelines of the Planetary Health Diet, Aramark Germany assesses the carbon footprint of each dish as calculated by the Swiss eco-balance organization Eaternity.

The response to Planet Power menus has been impressive. Many Aramark Germany restaurants have seen a 30 percent participation rate in Planetary Health Diet campaigns, such as “Easy Peasy & Co.” for the global fashion brand OLYMP.

Aramark Germany has been catering at OLYMP’s headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen for six years, sharing a commitment to offering regional and healthy food. “Our Aramark chef and his team provide a varied range of meals, catering to individual dietary requirements with around 40 percent vegetarian and vegan alternatives,” explains Marc Fritz, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at OLYMP. “We were delighted to participate in the ‘Easy Peasy & Co.’ campaign, which was very well received by our guests.

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