Global Animal Health Firm Launches 42-Day Study of ZIVO Bioscience’s Coccidiosis Treatment in Broiler Chickens

ZIVO Bioscience, a leading biotech and agtech research company specializing in therapeutic, medicinal, and nutritional products derived from proprietary algal cultures, has announced the commencement of a pivotal 42-day confirmatory study in collaboration with a prominent global animal health firm. This study targets coccidiosis, a significant challenge in poultry, particularly broiler chickens.

The primary objective of this new study is to validate the efficacy of ZIVO’s non-antibiotic, immune-modulating product designed for both the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis. Building upon successful outcomes from previous trials, this study aims to replicate real-world conditions typical of commercial poultry production environments.

John Payne, Chairman and CEO of ZIVO Bioscience, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are pleased to support our partner in animal health as they undertake this crucial confirmatory study, which could potentially accelerate the commercialization of our innovative treatment.” Coccidiosis represents a substantial economic burden, costing the poultry industry over $10 billion annually, with traditional treatments relying heavily on antibiotics and ionophores that have seen little innovation in decades.

“This 42-day study marks a significant advancement in our mission to offer sustainable, antibiotic-free solutions for the poultry sector,” Payne noted. “Our product presents a revolutionary alternative designed to enhance the immune response of broiler chickens, devoid of the adverse effects associated with conventional treatments. We are optimistic that the forthcoming study results will further underscore its readiness for market deployment.”

Funded by the major animal health firm, the study assesses the overall health and productivity of broiler chickens under standard industry conditions. It compares the efficacy of ZIVO’s product against an ionophore-based treatment alone, as well as in combination with both ionophore-based treatment and a coccidiosis vaccine. Results from this comprehensive study are anticipated to be available in September, promising valuable insights into the potential market impact of ZIVO’s pioneering poultry health solution.

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