Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) Becomes Member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The announcement by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) marks the inclusion of Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), a prominent global agribusiness and palm oil producer, as its latest member. This partnership aligns GAR with a network of 200 businesses dedicated to expediting the shift towards a more sustainable global landscape.

GAR’s involvement will be concentrated on the Agriculture & Food Pathway, aiming to bolster cooperation within the sector and bolster the Equitable Livelihoods initiative. Its principal objective within this initiative is to foster robust and sustainable agriculture and food systems that prioritize equitable livelihoods for all stakeholders, with a special focus on enhancing farmers’ prosperity within these systems.

Recognizing the significant impact of food systems on greenhouse gas emissions, recent global initiatives such as the COP28 declaration on sustainable agriculture and the FAO’s global roadmap for agrifood systems underscore the increasing consensus regarding the pivotal role of agriculture and food sectors in addressing climate challenges.

Peter Bakker, President & CEO of WBCSD, expressed his enthusiasm about GAR’s decision to join the organization, highlighting the importance of collaboration in driving positive change within agriculture and food systems. This collaboration emphasizes the belief that food systems can contribute significantly to climate and nature conservation while creating value for various stakeholders.

Efforts will be focused on implementing Scope 3 data accounting and metrics to monitor and evaluate the impact of agricultural practices on climate targets, with the overarching goal of preserving and enhancing nature’s ability to provide ecosystem services.

Furthermore, GAR’s participation in the Council aims to advance progress on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, leveraging the collective expertise and resources of the group to drive meaningful change and provide a Southeast Asian business perspective on global priorities.

Jesslyne Widjaja, Executive Director of GAR, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and its belief in the power of partnerships to address complex challenges. GAR looks forward to collaborating with WBCSD and its members to achieve ambitious sustainability goals and facilitate the transition to a more sustainable world.

Guided by its comprehensive Social and Environmental Policy (GSEP), GAR remains committed to setting industry-leading standards for sustainable business practices throughout its supply chain, reflecting its dedication to balancing economic growth, social progress, and environmental stewardship

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