Hamdi Ulukaya to Revive Iconic San Francisco Brand with Anchor Brewing Acquisition

Shepherd Futures, the family office led by Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO and founder of Chobani, has officially acquired the assets of Anchor Brewing Company (Anchor), America’s pioneering craft brewery, in a transaction whose details remain undisclosed. This acquisition heralds a fresh chapter for Anchor, preserving its storied 128-year history.

In his statement, Ulukaya expressed enthusiasm for the union, stating, “What an exhilarating moment for San Francisco and Anchor Brewing. Both are undergoing a rejuvenation that captivates me. I’ve developed a deep affection for this city—its rich narrative, resilience, and allure. Brands originating from such locales hold a profound significance and merit our utmost reverence, admiration, and care.”

He continued, emphasizing the integral connection between San Francisco and Anchor Brewing, noting, “San Francisco pulsates at the core of Anchor Brewing, embodying the essence of this remarkable city. I feel privileged and energized to become a part of this vibrant community, which exudes a distinctive and unparalleled spirit. My immersion in Anchor’s legacy and its integral role in San Francisco’s narrative has been enlightening, and I eagerly anticipate contributing in every possible way to the remarkable resurgence unfolding here.”

Established during the California Gold Rush of 1896, Anchor holds the distinction of being America’s inaugural craft brewery and an enduring symbol of San Francisco’s identity. Renowned for its iconic Anchor Steam Beer and acclaimed brewery along with the Public Taps taproom, Anchor’s operations in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill district ceased last year.

Ulukaya is committed to reviving this beloved brand, cherished by San Franciscans and enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring its legacy endures for generations to come.

Established in San Francisco in 1896, Anchor Brewing Company is America’s first craft brewery, a trailblazer and industry leader that has persevered through earthquakes, fires and Prohibition. In 1965, Anchor’s new owner Fritz Maytag revived the brewery for a new era, charting a course that was foundational in the craft beer movement. During this time, Anchor reinvented its now classic Steam Beer, introduced the first American Pale Ale and pioneered new brewing practices still used industry-wide today.

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