Hellmann’s Plant-Based Mayo Now Comes in Perfectly Designed Squeeze Bottles

Hellmann’s Introduces Enhanced Squeeze Bottle Technology for Plant-Based Mayo

Hellmann’s has unveiled a new technology that maximizes usability and minimizes leftover plant-based mayo in their popular squeeze bottles. This innovation is set to elevate consumer satisfaction and reduce both food and packaging waste.

The redesigned squeeze bottles feature ‘easy out’ technology—a vegan, edible coating on the inside of the bottle that allows the mayo to glide out smoothly, ensuring minimal product is left behind. This advancement addresses consumer desires for efficiency and value, allowing them to enjoy every last drop of their plant-based mayo.

Over the past four years, Hellmann’s plant-based products have seen significant growth, a trend expected to continue as the market is projected to double by 2030. Food waste is a critical issue for consumers, with 78% believing it should be discussed more and 59% asserting that brands have a role in waste prevention.

Led by Krassimir Velikov, Senior Science & Program Leader, and Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan, R&D Manager for Dressings, the Hellmann’s R&D team developed this technology to enhance the consumer experience. They faced challenges with certain plant-based ingredients that made the mayo prone to sticking inside the bottle. The solution was an edible, vegan coating that prevents sticking without interacting with the product.

The impact of this technology on waste is significant, reducing the amount of mayo left in the bottle and contributing to less food and packaging waste. In 2022, about 60% of global food waste occurred in kitchens. Hellmann’s has been addressing this through their ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ campaign, encouraging consumers to reduce food waste at home.

This low-waste feature is not only beneficial for the environment but also aids in recycling. By minimizing leftover mayo, the bottles are more likely to be accepted for recycling, aligning with Hellmann’s goal of reducing virgin plastic use by utilizing 100% recyclable plastic where feasible.

The new technology will debut in the UK and Ireland in 2024, with plans to expand across Europe. Hellmann’s anticipates continued growth for their plant-based products and squeeze bottles, ensuring consumer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases.

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