Horticultural Rep Group Launches B2B Portal for Hydroponic Retailers Nationwide

The Horticultural Rep Group (HRG), a wholesale division of the Company and a prominent distributor in the hydroponic industry, has introduced its new B2B portal tailored for hydroponic retailers and garden centers. The innovative portal, known as HRG Marketplace, aims to transform how HRG customers and partners across the United States access and purchase products. As of today, the HRG Marketplace is open to over 500 existing customers and tens of thousands of garden centers nationwide, offering unprecedented access to top hydroponic products.

The HRG Marketplace serves as a comprehensive destination for all hydroponic product needs across various categories. It is set to redefine the customer experience by enabling online browsing of a wide range of products, from popular nutrient brands like Drip Hydro to top-rated coco line Char Coir.

Designed to streamline the procurement process for businesses while enhancing flexibility and convenience, the portal provides a host of services including detailed product catalogs, shipping tracking, purchase orders and invoices, credit management, inventory location, and more.

Accessible at, the HRG Marketplace is supported by a robust national distribution network, ensuring fast delivery times of 24-48 hours anywhere in the United States. The portal is backed by an experienced national sales team and dedicated customer support, poised to assist clients efficiently. The launch of the HRG Marketplace underscores HRG’s and GrowGeneration’s dedication to fostering the growth of the hydroponic industry by offering efficient, reliable access to essential supplies and delivering exceptional service.

Brian Carlevato, Director of HRG, commented, “We are thrilled to introduce this cutting-edge platform that directly caters to the needs of today’s hydroponic products industry. The HRG portal goes beyond being just a marketplace. Its B2B functionality empowers hydroponic retailers and garden centers, providing a seamless centralized hub that enables them to expand their businesses by efficiently meeting the growing demand for high-quality hydroponic products.

The Horticultural Rep Group (HRG) is a premier distributor of hydroponic products and supplies in the United States. With a focus on innovation and customer service, HRG provides a comprehensive range of products and business solutions to support the hydroponic industry. By leveraging its extensive distribution network and expertise, HRG aims to facilitate the success of retailers and garden centers across the country.

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