How Hellmann’s is Capitalizing on the Flavored Mayo Trend

Exploring Hellmann’s Success in the Flavored Mayo Market

From garlic to chipotle, the demand for flavorful mayonnaise is growing. Hellmann’s is seizing this opportunity with its diverse flavored mayonnaise portfolio, driving significant brand growth. Sales of Hellmann’s flavored mayo nearly doubled in 2023, reflecting the rapid expansion of this market.

Hellmann’s diverse range of flavored mayo is tailored to various taste profiles, appealing to both local and global palates. Once, the choice was limited to mustard, mayo, or ketchup. Now, it’s about which flavor of mayo to choose. Kantar research indicates that over 35% of non-users are willing to try flavored mayonnaise.

Hellmann’s, a leading brand, entered the flavored mayo market early, launching its first product in Brazil in 2020. Since then, flavored mayo has grown to represent over 7% of US mayo sales, with Hellmann’s experiencing nearly doubled sales in 2023. Why is flavored mayo so popular?

“The key is that our flavored mayos complement our core flavors,” says Peter Harbour, Global Vice President, Hellmann’s & Dressings. “Consumers see flavored mayo as an extension, not a replacement, of our classic recipe. They’re using it for grilling, dipping, and more.”

For home cooks, flavored mayo offers versatility, from adding zingy French garlic to smoky Tex-Mex BBQ flavors. These mayos also align with the ‘fakeaway’ trend, where consumers recreate restaurant flavors at home. “We aim to bring excitement to the brand with these new variations,” Peter adds. “Playing with flavors and catering to local tastes keeps our brand relevant, especially to younger audiences.”

Optimizing Sales by Geographical Taste Preferences

Which mayo flavor appeals most depends on location. “Taste profiles are geographically ingrained,” explains Peter. “Each country defines its range of locally relevant flavored mayos. Some flavors, like Garlic and Spicy, are popular across many markets, while others are tailored to specific regions.”

Localized flavors include Truffle in Europe, Chilli Lime in the US, and Verde in Brazil. To boost sales further, Hellmann’s pairs these new flavors with consumer-favorite squeeze bottle packaging. “Squeeze bottles are our fastest-growing format, offering convenience and ease,” says Peter. “This allows us to premiumize the category, making the products even more attractive.”

“Hellmann’s flavors offer a simple way to transform meals according to culinary moods,” Peter continues. “We’re providing new options for existing customers and reaching new ones with fresh, locally relevant flavors. Personally, Chipotle Mayo is my new favorite this summer.”

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