Hydrow Teams Up with PBS Docuseries Hope in the Water

The premier connected rowing brand, Hydrow, renowned for bringing the exhilarating on-water rowing experience directly into homes, is joining forces with the upcoming PBS docuseries, ‘Hope in the Water.’ Produced by Emmy award-winning Andrew Zimmern and the storytelling visionary David E. Kelley, this three-part series, airing on PBS starting June 19, 2024, journeys across the globe to shine a light on innovative fishers, water farmers, and environmental activists. Their exploration uncovers both ancient and modern practices vital for nourishing us and restoring our imperiled oceans and freshwater systems.

Through this collaboration, ‘Hope in the Water’ will extend its reach to the broader audience of water enthusiasts who appreciate the scenic waterways showcased on Hydrow screens. Coinciding with the series debut in June, Hydrow will introduce ‘Hope in the Water’-themed rowing workouts for its members, augmenting its extensive library of over 5,000 full-body exercises. Filmed along the captivating coastline of Maine, these workouts feature special appearances by Martha Stewart, entrepreneur and conservationist, who stars in Episode 2, “Farming the Water,” alongside Andrew Peters, a pioneering fisherman advocating for sustainable scallop farming.

Noteworthy environmental advocates including Shailene Woodley, José Andrés, Martha Stewart, and Baratunde Thurston uncover the hidden realms threatened by climate change, overfishing, exploitation, and habitat loss in the series. Each narrative features champions pioneering intelligent food solutions and underscores their pivotal role in steering us towards healthier, fairer, and more sustainable food systems sourced from our waters. The docuseries’ impact is amplified by the Fed by Blue campaign, a science-driven educational initiative inspiring ocean lovers, activists, foodies, and consumers to contribute to building a responsible blue food system.

Hydrow, committed to fostering community and promoting holistic well-being, underscores its dedication to environmental stewardship. For every Hydrow workout, the company pledges support to Water.org, aiding over 124,000 people globally with lasting access to clean water or sanitation.

Hydrow’s founder, Bruce Smith, encapsulates the company’s ethos, stating, “Water is not just essential to humans; it fosters physical and mental well-being while nurturing a sense of responsibility towards our planet.” He expresses pride in Hydrow’s contribution to the sustainable future championed by ‘Hope in the Water.’

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