Inspiring Inclusion on International Women’s Day

As we continue our mission to nourish billions while prioritizing our planet’s well-being, it’s essential to sow the seeds for a brighter future. At Kerry, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is paramount. We strive to create an environment where every individual can thrive, innovate, and express their true selves comfortably.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, “Inspire Inclusion,” underscores the collective effort needed to build a more inclusive world. Inclusion is a responsibility shared by all of us. It’s about celebrating achievements, challenging norms when necessary, and effecting sustainable change through our daily interactions.

Shaheen Akram, Kerry’s Global Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, emphasizes the importance of galvanizing everyone to promote inclusion actively.

In this article, we feature the stories of eight employees worldwide who are championing inclusion in the workplace and beyond, underscoring the vital role of male allies in fostering a truly inclusive society.

As Senior Director of Communications in Singapore, part of my role involves bridging our business goals with our diverse workforce of 5,000 employees across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (APMEA) region.

Recognizing disparities in the experiences of our female employees compared to their male counterparts, I took action. Together with a colleague, Rachel Roache, I established the “Women in Kerry” enterprise network group (ENG) in 2022. Through listening sessions and ongoing initiatives, we amplify the voices of women in APMEA, fostering connections, confidence, and career development opportunities.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging is evident through initiatives like the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles and gender equity goals. By embracing differences and building an inclusive culture, we uplift everyone.

In Latin America, as a Program Manager, I had the support of my husband to pursue career opportunities, demonstrating Kerry’s inclusive culture. By sharing my journey, I hope to inspire other women to challenge themselves and pursue growth.

Similarly, as an Account Manager for Strategic Accounts, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with inspiring women leaders across the CACAR & Andean region. These connections exemplify inclusivity and serve as both personal and professional inspirations.

Balancing professional responsibilities with family commitments has its challenges, but it also presents opportunities to foster inclusivity within our families and communities, shaping the perceptions of future generations.

Together, we are sowing the seeds of inclusion, paving the way for a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

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