Introducing VELVEETA’s Debut Ready-to-Eat Queso Three Irresistible Cheese Varieties

Today, VELVEETA, the beloved cheese brand renowned for its luxuriously creamy texture that caters to cravings, announces the debut of its inaugural Queso line. Catering to fans’ desire to savor their favorite cheese on any occasion, VELVEETA Queso arrives in three delectable flavors – Queso Con Salsa, Queso Blanco, and Jalapeno – marking the brand’s inaugural foray into the ready-to-eat queso segment. VELVEETA has long been synonymous with queso, with shoppers annually purchasing 125 million pounds of VELVEETA loaf to craft the irresistible cheesy dip. Despite the enduring popularity of the decades-old recipe, a ready-to-eat iteration has been conspicuously absent – until now. The new resealable jars provide a convenient option for fans to relish their favorite cheese either in intimate gatherings or solo.

Inspired by fans’ penchant for infusing spice and bold flavors into their mac & cheese, VELVEETA is also introducing two new varieties of Shells and Cheese—Pizza and Buffalo. Representing the first additions to the Shells & Cheese lineup in twelve years, these products cater to those who revel in the thrill of customization, offering even more avenues to satisfy cravings for indulgent comfort food. In conjunction with the new flavors, the brand is introducing its inaugural Gluten-Free Shells & Cheese offering, acknowledging the evolving lifestyles and preferences of consumers.

“At VELVEETA, we are committed to making significant strides to embed ourselves in culture, not only through marketing but also through innovation as we endeavor to captivate a younger demographic,” says Alison Kelly, Director of VELVEETA. “Whether it’s the convenience of our queso for everyday enjoyment, the bold flavors of our new Shells & Cheese, or a gluten-free option for those with dietary restrictions, VELVEETA caters to every cheese enthusiast.”

These VELVEETA innovations exemplify the brand’s dedication to encouraging fans to embrace La Dolce Velveeta, wholeheartedly embracing pleasure by indulging in the things they love most. Rolling out at retailers nationwide starting in May, these innovations are poised to elevate mealtime experiences for pleasure-seekers who believe that food is meant to be savored.

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