Kraft Heinz Foundation $15M for 463M Meals with Rise Against Hunger

The Kraft Heinz Company Foundation has announced a significant three-year extension of its partnership with Rise Against Hunger, a global nonprofit organization, along with a substantial commitment of $15 million. This renewed commitment strengthens a decade-long collaboration between Kraft Heinz and Rise Against Hunger aimed at combatting global hunger and enhancing access to nutrition.

Andrea Budelli, President of The Kraft Heinz Company Foundation and Chief R&D Officer of Developed & Emerging Markets at Kraft Heinz, expressed the company’s ambitious goal, stating, “At Kraft Heinz, we aim to provide 1.5 billion meals to people in need by 2025. Our extended partnership with Rise Against Hunger will help us make great strides toward this ambition. We’re incredibly grateful for Rise Against Hunger’s leadership in the fight to end global hunger and humbled to play a part in their efforts.”

The expanded partnership will see the full funding of 36 million Kraft Heinz micronutrient sachets to be added to 207 million meals distributed by Rise Against Hunger worldwide. These sachets, specially formulated by Kraft Heinz’s food science and nutrition experts, are designed to provide 18 essential vitamins and minerals to fortified rice-soy meals.

Moreover, this collaboration will facilitate the local and regional procurement of 5.5 million meals, support sustainable agriculture projects expected to yield the equivalent of 250 million meals, and engage thousands of Kraft Heinz employees in volunteer events and opportunities worldwide.

Rick Kearney, CEO at Rise Against Hunger, acknowledged Kraft Heinz’s pivotal role in advancing their mission, stating, “Kraft Heinz’s generous contributions have been instrumental in driving our mission and have profoundly impacted the lives of countless individuals and communities facing food insecurity.” Kearney emphasized the importance of innovation and efficiency in creating sustainable solutions for those in need.

The impact of Kraft Heinz’s support from 2021 through 2023 was substantial, with Rise Against Hunger reaching 8.9 million people through meal donations and sustainable agriculture projects across 48 countries. This included fortifying over 127 million Rise Against Hunger meals with 21 million micronutrient sachets and supporting sustainable agriculture projects in various regions.

Furthermore, Kraft Heinz employees actively participated in meal packing events globally, packing over 1.7 million meals during Kraft Heinz’s annual “Packathon” events. Additionally, select employees had the opportunity to attend Impact Trips with Rise Against Hunger to witness firsthand the company’s impact on communities affected by food insecurity.

Overall, the extended partnership between Kraft Heinz and Rise Against Hunger underscores a shared commitment to addressing global hunger and promoting nutritional well-being, leveraging resources and expertise to make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions around the world.

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