Kraft Heinz & TGI Fridays Partner for Frozen Appetizers

Kraft Heinz and TGI Fridays have just announced an exciting development in their longstanding partnership. They’ve extended their licensing deal, ensuring that Kraft Heinz will continue crafting delicious TGI Fridays® branded frozen appetizers for retail stores throughout North America indefinitely.

This extension builds upon a successful collaboration that began back in 2001. By superseding their previous agreement from 2015, Kraft Heinz reinforces its commitment to developing and offering a wide array of TGI Fridays frozen appetizers and snacks. The focus remains on enhancing these products with top-tier ingredients, while also exploring new flavors and varieties.

For Kraft Heinz, the realm of Substantial Snacking holds significant promise as a key product platform with robust growth potential. Leveraging its robust supply chain and diverse product portfolio, Kraft Heinz stands uniquely poised in the frozen appetizers and snacks market.

Pedro Navio, North America Zone President at Kraft Heinz, emphasizes the strategic importance of the TGI Fridays brand within their frozen food lineup. He states, “This new agreement aligns with our strategy to accelerate growth in categories where we can create more value for shoppers. We’re proud to offer restaurant-quality frozen appetizers and snacks under the TGI Fridays brand.”

The enduring success of this partnership, spanning over two decades, is attributed to the shared commitment to delivering high-quality products. These offerings bring the distinct flavors and ambiance of a TGI Fridays restaurant straight into consumers’ homes. Looking ahead, both Kraft Heinz and TGI Fridays remain dedicated to introducing innovative new products inspired by the unparalleled restaurant experience.

Weldon Spangler, CEO of TGI Fridays, echoes this sentiment, noting, “This licensing agreement with Kraft Heinz will help extend that ‘Fridays Feeling’ to consumers at retail with TGI Fridays restaurant-quality frozen appetizers and snacks.”

Currently, shoppers can choose from a diverse selection of 25 TGI Fridays branded frozen appetizers, available at grocery stores across the region. From Loaded Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skins to Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Dip, these offerings capture the essence of TGI Fridays’ renowned culinary delights, bringing them conveniently into households everywhere.

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