Lancaster Colony Corporation( Nasdaq LANC)
blazoned moment that its Board of Directors has appointed AlanF. Harris as Chairman of the
Board of Directors effective January 1, 2024.Mr. Harris will succeed Chairman JohnB. Gerlach,
Jr., who’ll remain a member of the Company’s Board of Directors.
Harris has served as a director on the Lancaster Colony Board since 2008 and was
appointed Lead Independent Director in 2018. He’s presently a member of the inspection,
Nominating and Governance, and Executive panels. With further than two decades of
experience at the Kellogg Company in a variety of positions including Administrative Vice President
and Chief Marketing and client Officer,Mr. Harris has expansive domestic and transnational
experience in the food assiduity, as well as considerable consumer marketing moxie.
“ I’m recognized to succeed Jay as Chairman and thrilled to continue working with him, the
operation platoon, and the rest of the Board of Directors at Lancaster Colony to drive The Better
Food Company growth strategy, ”Mr. Harris said.
Gerlach was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1985 and is the Corporation’s
longest- serving director. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 1997 and has served as
Chairman since stepping down as CEO in 2017.
“ Alan has served Lancaster Colony and its shareholders with distinction for the last 15
times, and I’m pleased that he’ll succeed me as Chairman, ” saidMr. Gerlach. “ I look forward
to continuing to engage with the operation platoon and the Board, both as a director and a
significant shareholder of the company, to steward our growth plans. ”
President and Chief Executive Officer DavidA. Ciesinski reflected, “ I would like to
unfeignedly thank Jay for his leadership and his numerous times of fidelity to Lancaster Colony, as
both an superintendent and as Chair of our Board. I would also like to compliment Alan on his new
appointment. Both Jay and Alan bring expansive leadership experience and strategic oversight to
our Board of Directors, which will continue to profit our Company and its shareholders. ”
About the Company
Lancaster Colony Corporation is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty food products
for the retail and foodservice channels.
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